What Is The Product Discovery Stage In App Development?


What is the product discovery stage in app development?

App developers and their firms often wonder why some of their products are a hit and why some floundered? Luck is one factor but there are other factors too. A certain number of techniques have helped companies create their own customized apps.

A top-notch agency of mobile app development Toronto explains product discovery as key to enabling app development companies and their teams in targeting app users and deciding which features are crucial for implementation.

Why is such a thing done? Because it helps launch an attractive product after thorough research. Business owners, product owners and the like are lucky because they will now read more about this phenomenon.

Product discovery in mobile app development – what is it?

In mobile app development, product discovery is the first stage of the app development journey where app development firms ensure that they are aware of who their target audience is and how their app solves their problems. This phase also allows them to research again the needs and wants of their target audience.

Product discovery’s core foundation is a constant testing of concepts and solutions, and the way how they can adapt to the needs of the end user as well as its implementation. This process should also ensure that they are not only aware of the needs of the end-user but also their dedicated team can deliver the need deliverables (i.e. converting concepts into a real time product).

Can app development start without testing or is it not possible to do so?

Though product discovery was once an optional process, today it is now a necessity for app development firms to start development through thorough research and development. In quality management’s theory, companies have 1:10:100 rule, where prevention is affordable than correction, and correction is much more affordable than failure.

It hence makes sense to spend something at the beginning of a project instead of investing loads in fixing and correcting the app’s development (make money online). Other than that, spending more after launching the app means that prevention is often better than correction.

Product discovery in fact does not cost firms anything. It is thus the phase where firms are focused on creating the right thing as opposed to making it right through corrections.

What is the product discovery phase like?

There are many different approaches to product discovery. Each and every session should be tailored to the business needs of clients. Whether they need a 2-hour meeting, a one-week workshop, or a 2-month phase to clear the business strategy, here are some areas firms and clientele should be focusing on:

  • Establishing a strategy: What is the goal? What outcome do the clientele wish to achieve?
  • Targeting potential users and their issue: Who are the users? And what kind of problems do they have? How can they be helped?
  • Making ideas of solutions: How can the firm solve the issue? What will be the end result of such a solution and what is the best solution for this?
  • Creating prototypes: What is the user experience? Did the firm create a viable solution?
  • Reviewing ideas: Are the ideas good enough? What would the users think about them? Can the firm be able to solve such issues?
  • Narrowing down the possible solutions: What are the ideas needing implementation?
  • Making a list of priorities: What are the features needing implementation first?
  • Planning: What is the scope of the firm’s created minimum viable product (MVP)?

The goal, target, user and their issues defined

Defining the app’s goal, user base, target market and the issues they face is imperative. This is the very basis of the product discovery phase and the very thing that also defines why should the app be made. This should be done thoroughly.

Making the idea

Once the problem sector is clear, it is now time to make the app’s concept to ensure it solves the user’s problem.

Analyzing and selecting solutions

Solutions are analyzed and the best ones are chosen when they solve the following:

  • Can it solve the problem?
  • Is it feasible or not?
  • Can it be built easily?

Prioritizing features and planning the scope of the minimum viable product (MVP)

After the best solution has been determined, it is now time to prioritize the features and plan the scope of the minimum viable product (MVP).


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