Firefox Is Not Working Properly After Downloading The Latest Version. What To Do?


Firefox is not working properly after downloading the latest version. What to do?

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One of the fastest and secure web browsers of Mozilla's Firefox. This browser is known for offering users with fast downloading speed, cleaner interface along with many excellent features. However, users face some problems while using Firefox in Windows 10, such as your web browser does not work appropriately. If Mozilla Firefox acts as your default browser, then your work will be hindered when you face this issue. This 'not working' problem of browser can be easily solved by calling mozilla firefox customer service number and taking assistance from the certified professionals.


How to fix the issue of Firefox not working correctly after downloading the latest version?

The steps that you need to follow while rectifying the not working error of Firefox:

  • Restart the Firefox

Sometimes only restarting the web browser may solve all your issues. For doing so, you need to click on the 'File' menu and then select the option of 'Quit Firefox.' Make sure you are not using the close button to quit the Firefox. If the problem persists, later you can try to restart your computer.

  • Clear the cache data of Firefox

By clearing out the browser's cache and cookies data, you can resolve all issues related to the loading of the web page. You can clear the browser data by going to the 'Tool' menu and then choosing the option of 'Clear private data now.' This will include browser’s cache, cookies data along with the history of the browser.

  • Use Mozilla Firefox in the Safe Mode

If certain add-ons and extensions are the root cause of this problem, then you have to start your PC on a Safe Mode. Once you have logged into safe Mode, then add-ons installed on your Firefox will be disabled.

  • Reset the preferences of Firefox

First, close the Firefox and that too from the File menu. Now go to Start button and look for Mozilla Firefox, here you have to put a tick mark on the checkbox 'Reset all user preferences to Firefox defaults and then on 'reset toolbars and controls.'

Even after implementing the steps given in this blog, if the error persists, then you have to call mozilla firefox customer support that stays available 24*7. The customer care team will hear out your problem and will give you a prompt response to the issue on hand.


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