WashmaticIndia- Get The Best World-class Commercial Vegetable Washing Solutions


WashmaticIndia- Get the best world-class commercial vegetable washing solutions

Commercial eateries like restaurants, hotels, food lounges serve vast no. of customers in a day. In this scenario, preparing food with premium hygiene conditions possess a challenge. Hygiene should be maintained at micro level right from washing vegetables properly to cooking in true neat kitchens. Vegetable washing in such large quantities can be very tedious and cumbersome. To make this feasible, one can buy vegetable washing machines from Washmatic India.

We are serving our customers from 15 years now and have upgraded ourselves with industry innovations. Washmatic manufactures the best vegetable washing machine in India.

It has been manufacturing and designing some of the unique and highly efficient machines for commercial clients involved in the food processing industry and commercial players in the hospitality sector.

Some of our commercial vegetable washing machine’s assets are following-

Advanced world-class technology for commercial set-ups

There is no doubt about the fact that the company has been meeting the expectations of its clients with the growing need. When you use their machines you instantly get a feel of how technically advanced the machines are. They are built by some of the best engineers keeping in mind the ever-increasing demand.

We aspire to make your bulk vegetable washing a minute away keeping quality standards intact.

Unique design for rapid results

The machines are well thought out and designed as per the best engineering models. This enables the veg washer to wash vegetables at a faster rate. Washmatic has a range of these machines with varying model each with specific capacity as per your need.

The machines are built as per the safety standards and are certified to work as per the standards in the hospitality and food processing industry

The vegetable washing machine commercial must meet certain safety and production standards to be fit for use. And when it comes to washmatic, you can trust the company's most unique vegetable washing machines. Theengineers’ and designers’ lay the product with complete market research and requirements.

The washing criteria or the mechanism is also high standard and ensures all pesticides in vegetables are removed while cleaning them thoroughly.

15 years of trust

There are different clients for washmatic to whom they serve regularly. This includes the food processing industries, hotels, restaurants, commercial kitchens, large corporate canteens, hospitals, and even NGOs.

It caters to its clients by manufacturing machines that provide an easy way to wash vegetables.

Complete installation &maintenance support

With wasmatic, you get full maintenance support too. You can ask the company to also buy some parts of the machines and thus you get original and compatible parts only for the washing machines that sterilize vegetables.

Company info                                      

Washmatic India Pvt Ltd.

A2 Shopping Centre,

Nariana industrial area, Phase-II,

New Delhi, 110028.

Contact- +91-1143157300/

Email- sales@washmaticindia.com/


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