What Should I Do If My HP Printer Is Not Printing Black?


What should I do if my HP printer is not Printing black?

Six answers for fixing the HP printer in the event that it doesn't print black:

  • Clean the Printhead
  • Open the Printer Troubleshooter
  • Fix the Printing With HP Print and Scan Doctor
  • Add a Genuine Hewlett-Packard Cartridge to the Printer
  • Supplant Cartridges that are low on Ink
  • Adjust the Printhead

In any case, a few clients have expressed on assemblies that their HP printers don't print black ink. Most clients will, from the start, almost certainly expect that their printers have run out of ink.

Notwithstanding, the printers don't print black despite the fact that the cartridges actually incorporate some black ink. This is the means by which clients can fix HP printers that aren't printing black ink.

What to do if your printer black ink isn't working

  1. Clean the Printhead

HP printers with stopped-up printhead spouts don't for the most part print black ink. Hence, cleaning the printhead is a goal some HP printer clients have affirmed fixes HP Wireless Printer Setup the printing. Note that you may need to do that a couple of times to completely reestablish print quality.

How you clean a printhead can fluctuate marginally between various HP printer models. You can generally choose a Deep Cleaning or Clean Printhead alternative from a Printer Maintenance menu on an HP printer's control board. Choosing that alternative may then print a page giving some examples yield for different tones.

So ensure there is some paper stacked in the printer before choosing to clean the printhead. Look at your printer's manual for more explicit subtleties on the most proficient method to clean its printhead.

  1. Open the Printer Troubleshooter

Windows incorporates a Printer investigator that can prove to be useful for fixing printers when they don't print true to form. So that may give some fixes to HP printers not printing black ink. Follow the rules underneath to open the Printer investigator.

  • Windows 10 clients can open the Printer investigator by tapping the Cortana Type here to look through the button on the taskbar.
  • Enter 'troubleshoot' in the inquiry box.
  • Select Troubleshoot to open the Settings application window.
  • Select Printer and snap Run the investigator to open the window.
  • Select your HP printer model recorded in the troubleshooter's window.
  • At that point press the Next button to fix the printing with the troubleshooter.
  • To open the Printer investigator in different Windows stages, press the Windows key + R hotkey. At that point enter 'Control Panel' in the Open box, and snap the OK button.
  • Snap Troubleshooting to open the Control Panel.
  • Snap View all on the left of the window to open a full rundown of investigators.
  • At that point right-click Printer and select Run as director.
  1. Fix the Printing With HP Print and Scan Doctor

Then again, Hewlett-Packard printer clients can likewise use the HP Print and Scan Doctor utility to fix printing. That is an investigator all the more explicitly intended for Hewlett-Packard printers. Clients can fix printing with HP Print and Scan Doctor as follows.

  • Snap the HP Print and Scan Doctor interface on this HP page to download the product's arrangement wizard.
  • Snap HPPS.Dr.exe to introduce HP Print and Scan Doctor.
  • Snap Start to choose your HP printer, and afterward, press the Next catch.
  • Select the Fix Printing choice.
  • From there on, the product may show wrench symbols that feature it fixed something. Provided that this is true, close the investigator and have a go at printing once more.
  • On the other hand, you may see an X symbol. Assuming this is the case, proceed with the investigator and adhere to the guidelines it gives to fix the issue.
  1. Include a Genuine Hewlett-Packard Cartridge to the Printer

Outsider ink cartridges don't generally work so well on Hewlett-Packard printers. Accordingly, supplanting an outsider cartridge with a more official Hewlett-Packard cartridge may fix an HP printer that is not printing black ink. The HP site incorporates a hunt box where clients can enter their printer models in a quest box to discover viable ink cartridges for them.

Likewise note that there are phony, duplicated HP ink cartridges. So it may worth checking if your own cartridge is a phony one. HP printer clients can check for fakes by examining the QR codes on the cartridges with a QR scanner or SureSupply application. Then again, clients can enter chronic numbers on the cartridge names at the Hewlett-Packard confirmation page to approve them.

  1. Supplant Cartridges That Are low on Ink

Most clients will presumably check the ink levels when a printer quits printing dark ink. Notwithstanding, a few clients may neglect to supplant a cartridge if it's not totally out of ink. You ought to supplant the dark ink cartridge when it's extremely low on ink, yet not really totally out of ink. A shout blemish on the ink level marker features when a cartridge is coming up short on ink. To supplant the dark ink cartridge in the event that you see an outcry mark for it on the printer control board's ink level marker.

  1. Adjust the Printhead

A printer probably won't print dark ink on the off chance that it has not been aligned. In this way, adjusting a Hewlett-Packard printer by adjusting its printhead may fix its printing. Most HP printers will incorporate an Align Printhead choice on their Printer Maintenance or Tools control board menus that clients can adjust them with.

Choosing that choice will at that point adjust the printer and print an arrangement page. HP printer manuals will give more explicit printhead arrangement rules for their separate models.

The above goals will most likely fix HP printers with the goal that they print dark ink. On the off chance that the above goals actually don't fix the printing, the printer itself may require fixing. Clients can restore HP printers that are still inside their guarantee periods to the producer for fixes. So check the guaranteed time of your printer to check whether you can restore it to Hewlett-Packard.

Write down step by step procedure for hp printer setup?

You've bought an HP Inkjet printer and need to utilize it immediately. You initially need to introduce the printer and the HP printer programming before you can print your photographs and records. We'll disclose how to do this in 6 basic advances.

1.Set up the printer Install cartridges

2.Before you start introducing your HP printer, your printer must be unloaded, associated, and liberated from any defensive material. You can do this as follows:

3.Unload your HP printer and eliminate all tape and defensive material from within and outside of the printer. Check the manual to be certain you don't miss any material.

4.Plug in the power string to control the printer. Turn the printer on and pick the right language on the screen.

5.Include a pile of paper. Note: with certain models you need to clasp the paper between 2 plastic sliders that you push inside.

6.The printer is currently on, yet isn't associated with a PC yet. In the accompanying advances, we'll disclose how to associate the printer.

Step 1. Introduce the cartridges

Introducing the cartridges is genuinely simple, yet it must be done appropriately. To begin with, lift the top front of the printer. On the Envy 6234, it's under the scanner unit. Utilize the handles as an afterthought to lift it up. Eliminate the cartridges from the bundling and ensure you have the correct tone in the opportune spot. The tone is determined on the cartridge. Eliminate the (orange) sticker from the cartridge and tenderly drive the cartridge into the holder until you hear a tick. Remember that the mark must face upwards. Close the spread when you've embedded all the cartridges.

Step 2. Pick an association technique

Step 2.1: Connect to WiFi

Go to the WiFi symbol on your printer and to 'Settings'. Select the Wireless Installation Wizard and adhere to the on-screen guidelines. Associating your printer can take as long as a moment. You can likewise decide to interface the printer to WiFi later in the establishment cycle by means of the downloaded programming.

Your printer can print a short guide on the off chance that it doesn't work after this progression. To do this, press the WiFi symbol and afterward "Settings". Select "Begin". The printer will print a short manual to interface bit by bit.

Step 2. Connecting through a USB link

In the event that you like to associate the printer legitimately to your PC or PC without utilizing the web, you can utilize a USB link. Fitting the norm, level USB connector (USB-An) into your PC or PC and attachment the square USB connector (USB-B) into your printer.

Do you have a Windows gadget? First, download the product as clarified in sync 3 preceding you associate the USB link. Do you have an Apple gadget? It's the opposite way around. First associate the USB link and afterward go to stage 3.

Step 3. Download the product on your PC or PC

You've associated your printer. Presently, we'll guarantee that your PC can control the printer. We'll introduce the EasyStart programming from HP on your PC or PC. Go to '123.hp.com' in your program and enter the item name of your printer, for example, 'Jealousy 6234'. Download the HP Smart application or download the fundamental work area programming.

Step 4: Open HP Easystart

Open the HP EasyStart record you've quite recently downloaded from your download envelope. On the off chance that you have a printer that is viable with HP Instant Ink, the program will inquire as to whether you need to utilize your time for testing. Enter your own subtleties to utilize one. Try not to need time for testing or do you as of now have an Instant Ink membership? Continue to the subsequent stage.

Step 5: Install programming 

EasyStart will at that point ask you which programming you need to introduce. Pick the alternative 'Full programming and drivers' on the off chance that you need extra programming to tackle issues notwithstanding the fundamental driver. Pick 'Essential drivers' on the off chance that you just need the driver.

Step 6: Installation

Your drivers are presently introduced on your PC. This can take some time, so don't hesitate to snatch some espresso and put your feet on the work area. To know more about HP Printer Says Offline. In the event that you haven't associated the printer to WiFi, at that point look into your WiFi code or snatch an organization link. After this progression, the PC will interface with your printer.

Your printer interfaces with WiFi and the establishment is prepared. You can begin printing.


It's critical to destroying the printer when you're done printing. Do this by squeezing the on/off catch. In the event that you leave the printer on or turn it off in some other manner, the printhead won't be ensured. Turn it off appropriately and the printer will keep the printhead in ideal condition. The print quality won't endure and you'll keep the printer from not having the option to print archives by any means.


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