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Many early work days enabled me to witness Soviet Culture, the fall of the Berlin Wall, secret Soviet cities, apartheid in South Africa, tensions in Israel as well as Arab-Israeli life; political corruption, the workings of the mafia and riots in India. I have witnessed prejudice and discrimination, as well as how social class creates unnecessary advantage for some.

In my time as an educator, I have worked with the intellectually disabled and students with severe mental retardation requiring shock treatment. I have worked to shape the minds of juvenile delinquents, drug addicts and criminals through direct education and social work. I have worked with intelligent students and students that need not only help, but confidence as well.

Being passionate about public service and the need to pave the way for change, I have been invited to government feedback sessions, as well as TV debates with ministers. I have also been invited to Mauritius, Indonesia and Thailand to deliver lectures and workshops on writing as well as critical thinking. I have published 4 best seller books on General Paper in Singapore.



These experiences have given me a perspective which very few people have. I deliver these perspectives to students and teach them how to analyse and be critical. I teach students to be aware, be able to make cogent arguments and plan their future. I have developed Critical Thinking pedagogy to give students the edge they need in writing and comprehension.

No one does more for Gp tuition classes for students. I breathe Gp and live every day to make this craft better for my students. I can be reached at 9-Four-Seven-888-Six-Seven or via email at email [at]

If you are serious about scoring well for Gp, want specialised notes, exercises and awesome ways to prep for Gp, and then there is only one tutor that can fulfil those needs – Jit Sharma.

Email or WhatsApp for more info at and also Online classes available as well.


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