How To Delete AOL Account


How To Delete AOL Account

In this article, we will tell you about How to Delete AOL Account and Free AOL accounts. You won't need to drop any enrollments or make any phenomenal portions before closing. To erase your record, you have to visit the authority AOL site; you can't erase your record from Mobile App.

In the event that you wish to erase your AOL email account which means losing access to all AOL administrations, including AIM moment emissary. In addition, your messages and address book will be forever erased; you won't have the option to review your record following 90 days.

You can reactivate your AOL account and recover the area book in case you sign in using your AOL username and password.

In case the above alerts and proposals haven't intruded on you, here are the rules on the most capable procedure on the most proficient method to cancel AOL account.


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