How To Structure A Dissertation Proposal


How To Structure A Dissertation Proposal


What To Include In A Dissertation Proposal?. 1

Topic and Its Reason. 1

Methodology. 1

Aim and Objectives Of Your Research. 2

Literature Review.. 2

Time Duration. 2

Final Advice - Limit Your Topic. 2


Writing a dissertation proposal is an essential step. It is a structured document that informs your instructor about your topic, its sources, reason, and methodology. Your dissertation proposal needs to be unique to set the stage for your final project. It is like a table of content that guides your future steps to a finalized research. However, you won't be required to plan everything out in your dissertation proposal because your work might slightly change over time. Nevertheless, you need to plan out at least 80% of your dissertation. To plan out a perfect dissertation proposal, here are our tips and tricks on law dissertation writing services.

What To Include In A Dissertation Proposal?

Your dissertation proposal is a document that states multiple reasons and aspects of your research. It is an essential content piece that, upon approval, becomes a significant part of your dissertation. To come up with a compelling dissertation proposal that gets accepted immediately, you need to understand what is included in it.

1.  Topic and Its Reason

Your dissertation proposal begins with a title. This title is your topic that is further defined in the reasoning section. The reasoning part is one in which you explain to your instructor about the importance of your title and how it would contribute to the scholarly world.

2.  Method Of Research

Now that you have explained what your topic is and why it is essential, it's time to explain how you plan to accumulate and calculate data for it. The methodology would present statistical methods and formulas that you are planning to use to present your results. However, you don't need to stick to the methodology you mentioned in your proposal throughout your dissertation. Since the aims and objectives of your dissertation would change during time, you have a level of flexibility when you start writing your dissertation.

3.  Aim and Objectives

With your topic, reason, and methods of data calculations mentioned above, it is time to tell your instructor what you plan to achieve through this dissertation. It is not necessary that your research would benefit you directly. The role of aims and objectives is to inform the reader about how this research would benefit the aims of your subject.

4.  Literature Review

Once you have shared all that you plan to achieve and accomplish through your work, you now have to tell the instructor that you have done your research. The literature review part explains how you came about the problem you highlighted. It also acts as a form of authentication of your work since you have to cite multiple scholarly research to back up your claims. Don't worry, it's not that difficult. All you have to do is go to Google Scholar, type your topic, or its variables, and you will find a list of dissertations. Read and cite these researches to give your dissertation a legitimate stance.

5.  Time Duration

With everything done and dusted, you now have to inform your instructor about the time frame required to complete all the work you mentioned above. Don't worry, this is nothing like setting a deadline for yourself. It is a flexible mention of dates that can easily be altered, but not significantly prolonged.


Final Advice - Limit Your Words

When you are writing your dissertation proposal, it is crucial to remember that each section of this paper has a set word limit. The ideal word length for the section that defines your topic and the reason for choosing is to be limited to 1000 words only. This might sound like a big number, but once you start writing, you will lose track of your word count. If you exceed this word limit, it will show that you can't limit your knowledge in fewer words. The idea behind this approach is to target a general reader. Ask yourself, would you read 1500 words or a 500-word paper that concisely convey all the points?



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