Your One-stop Gadget Repair And Service Center- SolutionhubTech


Your one-stop gadget repair and service center- SolutionhubTech

There are many gadgets that we use every day to make our lives easier. These gadgets are from different companies and they will for sure break down show up an issue at some point in time. These gadgets are not only sources of entertainment but they also provide us with various types of help in our profession. So naturally, their loss is also could bring financial trouble to us. In these circumstances, you need to have an agency or a company that can provide you fast and efficient service. Most importantly it is the one point center that can provide repair and service for all types of gadgets.


Are you puzzled over your gadget being nonfunctional? Is having any issue and you don't know which service center would be the best for your device? If you are based in Delhi then there is one service center that might come in handy for all types of gadgets.

SolutionhubTech is one of the reputed multi electronics service center that has been providing fast, reliable and efficient service at affordable rates over many years.

Are you looking for an Macbook service center in Delhi? Then you can visit the company as it is can provide you the best solution for your useful gadget.

Get all types of gadgets repaired and serviced

The company is engaged in repairing, servicing, and providing maintenance services of all types of gadgets which we use in our daily life. The list of gadgets that you can find professionals at the company includes smartphones, laptops, tablets, iPods, etc.

Thus as you can see that this is one such service center in Delhi where you can find all the solutions related to various electronics gadgets in one place.

The company is the registered service agency for all the major and established brands

If you are looking for an authorized Apple service center in Delhi, then look ahead for SolutionhubTech. The company is a registered service provider for the maintenance and repair of all the major established brands such as Samsung, Apple, One Plus, JBL, Bose, Honor, etc.

If you don't know any apple repair and service center in Delhi then you can contact them and they will provide the best solution for you.

You will get your home pick up and delivery service too

The best part about the company is that it provides pick and drop facility right at your doorstep in Delhi. If you are from any corner of the city but don't have the time to visit their office then you can just give a call to them and they will arrange for a pickup right from your doorstep. And don't even worry about the delivery because again you will get delivered right at home.

Reasonable service charges

The company is one of the rarest iPhone service center in Delhi where you can afford to bear the charges for your costly iPhone. The other service centers have way higher charges.

About the company-

SolutionhubTech is a multi electronics gadget service center based in Delhi.

Flat No.-24, Block No-4,

Shankar Market, Connaught Place,

New Delhi- 110001

Mobile no- +91-9911012123/+91-8586860075






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