Developer partners with landowners in Palawans and making their dream a reality - Rick L Crosby.

Developer Partners With Landowners In Palawans And Making Their dream A Reality - Rick L Crosby.

Developer partners with landowners in Palawans and making their dream a reality - Rick L Crosby.

Philippines is a country in Southeast Asia. It is a land of beautiful islands and beaches. It comprises of more than 7,100 islands. Due to presence of these islands this country offers large number of beaches and great natural beauty. This is the reason why it attracts so many tourists every year.


Palawan is a great place for investors and real estate developers; if they are planning to build a beach resort or vacation home where you can visit and enjoy these untouched exotic beaches. There are so many beautiful islands to surrounding El Nido, which have been preserved for its natural beauty.


A real estate developer from United States decided to build a beautiful beach resort on one of these attractive islands. This real estate developer is Rick Crosby. He is not new to Philippines. He has lived in the Philippines since 2006 and recently has been touring around Palawans to find the most suitable location for his next development project. He has visited over 60 beach front and island properties in various parts of the Palawans, such as Puerto Princessa, San Vincente, Port Barton, Taytay, El Nido and many more. After several months of hiking and touring properties by car, boat and by foot. Rick studied the landscape of the Palawans and after doing all this research he chose El Nido, Palawans as the best place for his project.


However, while doing all his research, he came across some unbelievable experiences. He realized that real estate brokers are really playing unfair game in the market. Rick discovered that some brokers will raise the price of property to an unreasonable amount, which is much higher than the actual selling price of the property. Some of the broker even raised the amount over 10 times the original price. He met with so many of them and each one of them did the same, which made it very difficult in his search for the right property.


He was really disappointed with this and decided to contact the landowners directly before making any offers. His aim was to give the profit directly to the landowners to avoid any issues with the payment. With this objective, he continued his search and finally made deals with two landowners and paid them the exact amount they asked. Not only this, he also decided to share the profit with landowners after all building permits were granted.


Rick encourages other investors and developers to consider working directly with other developers, landowners and locals, as they can be your best ally if you plan on investing into real estate in the Palawan or any other part of the Philippines. Also, be very cautious dealing with brokers who advertise land for sale online. It’s always best to do site visits if possible and never send funds directly to any broker.


If anyone reading this needs help with their search for the best El Nido beach front land for sale or Palawan island property for sale, please contact Rick.


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