Different Types of Teleconferencing

Different Types Of Teleconferencing

Different Types of Teleconferencing

You may be familiar about the term teleconferencing. This has become very popular term. In this guide, we will provide you information about various types of teleconferencing. Before we proceed further, we will discuss something about what Teleconferencing actually is and when it is used. This is used for a business meeting and educational sessions which are conducted among participants in different locations. This is done with the help of telecommunication equipments. Long distance meetings have become very easy task with the help of this telecommunication equipment. There are lots of benefits of teleconference including time, effort and money saving. It also eliminates the need to travel to another location to a face to face meeting.

Different types of telecommunication:

Video Teleconference

This is good for distant learning and business organizations. It allows participants in different locations make a conversation using video and voice simultaneously. This type of Teleconferencing is done through ISDN or IP network. It has its benefits with visual display.

Computer Teleconference

This type of teleconference uses telephone lines to connect 2 or more computers and modems. It can be asynchronous or synchronous. E-mail is the best example of asynchronous mode.



Audiographics Teleconference 

It can be used for distance learning and meetings. It requires few types of equipment such as electronic tablets, electronic boards, fax, video terminals, optical graphic scanners and much more.

Audio teleconference

This is also knows as conference calling as it allows you to communicate via voice only. You are not allowed to communicate via video as possible in other teleconferencing types. You can communicate to people located in different countries via audio only. So better choose the best way to make the communication proper.

These are some types of teleconferencing. You should be aware about the importance, types and benefits of teleconferencing so that you can use this facility in proper way.


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