Trifo Max And Max Pet Review And Comparison: Are They Good For The Indian Market?


Trifo Max And Max Pet Review And Comparison: Are They Good For The Indian Market?

With Indians accepting the new technology in every aspect of daily life, automatic vacuum cleaners have become the new-age necessity. With several numbers of brands bringing in their products in the market, the Indian market is flooded with options for the consumers to automate that lives. However in this league, one of the most prominent and rising brands for vacuum cleaners is Trifo. With the new launch of the Trifo Max and Trifo Max Pet by Robot Company, we get to see a whole new range of advanced features for your home cleaning.

So let’s see some reasons why the Trifo Max is the new game changer in the Indian automatic vacuum scene:


  • It was great on all types of floors ensuring that it would be a beneficial buy for all Indian consumers with different floorings such as carpet, tile or hard flooring.


  • With a powerful battery of 5,200mAh and provides suction power of up to 3,000pa, the Trifo Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner surely ensures a thorough and efficient clean of your home spaces.


  • The pet version of the model offers a more powerful suction up to 4,000 pa and this additional suction power can be used in homes with pets to manage animal hair and larger dust particles.



  • With the inclusion of the pet hair extractor, it is easier to grab the pet hair without it getting tangled up in the pet version of the model. It also has a larger dustbin and washable primary filter together the hard to reach dirt and pet hair.
  • The max robot has a smart navigation system which knows exactly where he is through his mapping capability and navigation system. It is also equipped to choose the most efficient leaning route and when you were around obstacles easily.


  • The automatic robot can run up to 120 minutes per charge with an interesting feature of a USB port that lets you connect to other devices for charging.


  • With the Wi-Fi for app-based functionality, it is also Alexa enabled and can be controlled through voice commands when used with a compatible Alexa device linked through its Home App.


  • The key and attractive feature of the Trifo Max and Trifo Max Pet is the ability to use surveillance cameras for home monitoring at all times. Cameras are usually only used for navigation on robots but with the Trifo Home App, it allows consumers to monitor their home at all times.


  • With an inbuilt speaker, it also has the feature of the user to communicate directly with an intruder or anyone else present on the site at a time.


  • Trifo says that the footage from the camera is not stored on any server or the cloud and is only accessible to the user in action on their gadgets keeping the privacy intact.


Thus, it can be easily said that the Trifo Max robots are definitely efficient in their cleaning and easy to maintain. The Pet series is a godsend for our furry friends and their parents. With the pet extractor along with the main brush of the cleaner, it helps to keep your homes clean and tidy even with your pet running around your homes. So choose the Trifo that suits your lifestyle the best and we are sure that it's going to be an investment for a lifetime. Buy yours today only on Robot Company at the best prices and welcome premium automation in your home!




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