Pirelli Tyres Where Intelligence Meets Technology


Pirelli Tyres Where Intelligence Meets Technology

Man and technology are inseparable today. They are like hand in glove as humans have been surpassing almost all limits in taking the technology to a higher notch in whatever they create. As you witness a surge in the technological revolution in every field today, how could the automotive and the tyre industry lag behind in the race? Tyre manufacturers are working at a great pace to keep up with the automotive industry. That’s why they are producing tyres that are making driving safer and easier than before. 

Now, who would have thought that 5G tyres could become a reality in the future? This might leave your mind reeling, but that’s true! You can now have a tyre on your vehicle that uses the internet for various purposes and all for the good. The credit for developing this high-tech tyre goes to no other tyre manufacturer, but Pirelli. This Italian manufacturer has announced a tyre that knows how to protect its driver by gauging the conditions on the road in advance. Let’s understand the modus operandi of these tyres Bolton


How does cyber tyre work?

This tyre has a chip inserted in its carcass. The tyre gets all its information from this chip. You get better control over your car when you get to know the road conditions in advance. Safety of its customers is paramount for any tyre manufacturing company and Pirelli has taken this to a step further. Pirelli calls this tyre as the ‘intelligent tyre’. 

This tyre is equipped with an electronic sensor, which passes some fruitful information to the computer regarding the safe driving. The best part about this sensor is that it's self-powered. It’s always charged and its environmental impact is also minimal. You’d be amazed to know that this tyre can warn you about the dangers that you may face on the road. In its display on an Audi Q8, it was able to detect the potential risk of hydroplaning. If you’re someone driving close to this tyre, then you’d also get to know about the probable threats on the road. Isn’t this wonderful?

What’s more, is that these tyres Manchester will also send important data to its model, which may include information like the number of miles travelled, the load of the vehicle and other kinds of warnings on the road. In case, if you find the driving conditions to be insecure or hazardous, then this tyre also has the capacity to make the driver-assist systems active in the vehicle.

You can even adjust the mapping of your engine, control your traction or even regulate your suspension settings. Basically, it’s an era of wireless technology and these tyres by Pirelli is rising up to the occasion. Pirelli aims to improve the driving experience of its customers through this tyre and it has succeeded in its attempt to quite a far extent. The amount of comfort and safety that you get from this tyre is just unmatched.  

Pirelli hopes that once these tyres Bolton are fully launched in the market, they’d be the first choice of the people for their vehicles, as the dynamics of driving would be completely changed. As a loyal customer, you can just hope to see these tyres, soon fitted to your car. 


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