Bridgestone Tyres Unbeatable Performance


Bridgestone Tyres Unbeatable Performance

What does one look for in a tyre? Performance, check. Safety, double-check. Affordability, a big yes. Now, these three features in a single tyre give it the ‘best’ label. There are so many tyre brands offering you something or the other. It is natural to get tempted and even confused as a result of the availability of so many options. So, how do you decide which tyre brand works well for you? 

Bridgestone tyres are a complete package when it comes to quality and reliability of tyres. Bridgestone tyres Widnes are durable, long-lasting, affordable and also environmentally friendly. Let’s talk about what makes Bridgestone the most trusted brands in the tyre industry.


Bridgestone America is the result of two companies. Harvey Firestone founded the Firestone Tyre and Rubber Company in 1900 in Ohio. Shojiro Ishibashi founded the Bridgestone Tyre Company Ltd. in 1931 in Japan. Both the companies merged in 1998. The Bridgestone Corporation purchased Firestone, making it the world’s biggest rubber and Tyre Company. 

Bridgestone America established its headquarters in 1922 in Nashville, Tennessee. Bridgestone America provides world-class tyre services. It has more than 50 production facilities, and it continues to be a global leader in tyre technology. 

People trust Bridgestone with their performance. Bridgestone Tyres St Helens has given them a lot of reasons to trust them, and it is evident with the constant efforts they put in to shape the future of the tyre industry. 


These are the reasons that would make you believe in their worth and their popularity.

Environment-friendly: Bridgestone tyres strive to keep innovating new technologies for safer and better performance. But, in this process, they make sure that they keep up with the needs of the environment. So, how do they do that? They use materials that are not harmful to nature. They also make use of the most crucial method that supports the environment in the best possible way: recycling the products. They contribute to biodiversity protection by holding environmental programs. They educate about ecological conservation to their employees. They also promote environmental research for product innovation at their development and research facility. 

Reduction in CO2 emissions: Everyone knows that CO2 emissions are causing so many threats to the planet. There has been a danger to the climate. Climate change has become one of the most dreaded risks that have been caused mainly because of human activities. Most of the CO2 emissions are caused due to driving. But, Bridgestone has found a solution to resolve this problem. The Bridgestone Tyres St Helens is made of a special rubber compound. This rubber compound reduces the release of CO2 along with other harmful gases. Bridgestone’s corporate goal was aimed to reduce CO2 emissions by 35% by 2020. Bridgestone has also invested in educating their consumers about fuel efficiency and conservation.

Waste management and natural resources: Bridgestone tries to minimise the waste that is produced during the manufacturing processes. They also work hard to decrease the use of natural resources required for products and processes. Improvements in product designs and operations do this.

Performance and Quality: Bridgestone provides world-class performance because of the high-quality tyres they keep producing. The employees keep innovating new products and always discover new ways to increase the quality of tyres. As they are long-lasting, they make sure that you don’t have to bear huge costs of replacement. This helps you in saving money in the long run.

Choose Bridgestone Tyres St Helens for long-lasting, efficient and faster performance.

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