EVE Echoes Marketplace Site So Things Can Be Spotty


EVE Echoes Marketplace site so things can be spotty

When you change your production efficiency, I needed to eve echoes isk switch blueprints for it to update the minerals (however, the other regions were nice ). I assume it was glitchy with google sheets and now it functions fine.Ya like I stated regrettably google sheets can sometimes be finicky with the way that it upgrades but I've verified that changing the material efficiency cell does update the sheet at the way I'd expect. If you see anything unexpected, consider altering the value again and it must update properly.Someday I hope the developers release a formal api to pull real time market data from this game. If that occurs I might develop this out into a fully standalone web application using user account and the whole 9 yards. For today though all I have is the unofficial EVE Echoes Marketplace site so things can be spotty sometimes.

For those of you who noticed the number of resources not changing when changing blueprints, put this formula in cell G14 and drag it over the rest of the mineral cells to the right to find the correct amounts. (additionally, remove the space after"Tritanium" in G13)For some reason this is not working for me. I just get a message which Tritanium isn't found, which is weird because it's right there at the hidden sheet.

If you all use the updated link above you need to find a copy of the newest version. Give it a minute to load the scripts then you should be good to go without any adjustments necessary.The material efficiency cell is what you are searching for. Change it to the percentage based on your own abilities and the nutrient and planetary resource values will upgrade appropriately.I'm also curious why you decide value by averaging the purchase price, sell price, and lowest cost?

I'm averaging the sell and lowest market since on average the sell column appears to be inflated and therefore the typical seems to provide more precise results. Of course all of these are estimates and your mileage may vary depending on the local market in your town. I will continue to keep an eye on the costs and adjust the calculations when there seems to be greater pattern.

Might it be feasible to create some kind of filter here to drop from calculation ores which I don't have wide access to? For example, if I constantly mine pyroxeres, drop it in the sheet and rely only on other ores while calculating m3 efficiency.Ooo that is really a good idea, I can't guarantee anything but buy eve isk I will definitely look into that!


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