How Do You Remove Malware Using Norton Antivirus


How do you remove malware using Norton antivirus

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Being a techie who loves to explore software isn't a bad thing unless you know how to deal with the virus which enters your system while the downloads. Removing these bugs can help you work on your system smoothly without any hustle. If you are unaware of the solution and are stuck in the middle, then this blog will surely help you. We will be discussing how we can remove the malware using the most popular software Norton Antivirus. It is a well-crafted software product that enables the use of signature and heuristics to locate the virus and runs your device without any bugs. We understand the techies might be aware of the resolution process, but the ones who are new can either continue reading the blog or can directly get in touch with the technical professionals on the norton customer service phone number.


Before getting into the steps to resolve the issue, we will first explain how does the malware get in your devices, and what are the causes for the same? Malware is something that affects the security features on your computer or mobile devices, allowing various cybercriminals to comb through your personal data and destroy the same. Anytime you plan to download something, or there's a simple update process doing on some malware might sneak in with that data stream like they might be hidden in an online ad, disguised as a legitimate app that you download or through a hole in a popular software program. 


Now to remove the malware which infects your device use the following steps to overcome this glitch:


  1. Click on "Run Live Update" to download the latest virus definitions from the Symantec database. Click on "OK" when Live Update completes.
  2. Click on the "Options" tab, and then "Norton Antivirus," if applicable. Select "Manual Scan" from the left pane.
  3. Choose "Automatically Repair the Infected File (Recommended)" and "Comprehensive File Scanning (Recommended)" from the options.
  4. Confirm "Boot Records," "Master Boot Records," "Scan within Compressed Files," and "Scan Active Programs and Start-Up Files" are all selected. Click on "OK."
  5. Click on "Scan for Viruses" and then double-click "Scan My Computer" to perform a virus scan on the PC. Norton Antivirus will automatically remove any detected infections.


Hopefully, these steps will surely solve your problem, or if in case you need further assistance, you can get in touch with our expert professionals on norton helpline number.



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