Check Tax Refund Status Of TurboTax


Check Tax Refund status of TurboTax

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Are you waiting for your check refund to arrive or willing to check your deposited amount, there is no reason to hype around. With the TurboTax "Where's My Refund Guide," you can easily fetch all that you require. It explains each step of the e-filing process and helps you check the status of your federal tax refund. Just by providing some essential information, you can check the status by following the below-mentioned steps, and if stuck anywhere, you can get in touch with the well-qualified and experienced professional on the turbotax customer service phone number.


  1. Show some patience:After your e-filing is done, wait at least three days before you check your refund status. By checking the status online, you can ensure that if it is accepted by the part or not. Which can even be checked through the confirmation you will receive. And if you mail a paper copy of your tax return, show some patience and wait until three weeks before you begin checking your refund status.
  2. Obtain a copy of your tax return:Before you check the status you need requires few essential documents, like a copy of your tax return to gather:
  • The Social security number which you might have entered at the top of your tax return
  • The filing status you chose, which you can locate in the top portion of the first page of your tax form
  • The exact amount of your tax refund that is mentioned at the end of your tax return
  1. Go to the "Where's My Refund?" page on the TurboTax website: As soon as you reach the "Where's My Refund" page, you will see three separate boxed to enter the filing status, refund amount and the Social Security Number. Then by clicking on "Submit," you can check the refund status.


If, even after following these steps, you face any issue, you can contact the expert professionals on the turbotax contact number to ask for further assistance.


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