In Cash, I Just Have 188k. But I Have A Dragon Scimitar As A Weapon With No Armour


In cash, I just have 188k. But I have a Dragon scimitar as a weapon with no armour

Hey once more u all know who I am so we dont have to go over that OSRS gold again. Okay please answer my queries in a response! 1. I am likely to range them have 58 range can I get it done? 2. 3. I would have high alch runes in my backpack and 20 monkfish and one pray potion. 4. I actually dont want to get strike by the monsters in gwd soooo will I need a logo from every god or just armadyl? 5. Listed below would be my cb stats... Now here's your bog question u have all been waiting for. Can I servive in gwd and at avansies? Any suggestions? I am fuzzy with Agility, therefore I believe that Ape Atoll is great if you have unlocked it. Herblore - At 55 and I want it at 60. I don't wish to shell out too much cash, but I don't mind spending some. Try super strikes if you really want to spend cash. Kingdom of Miscellania/Managing that your Kingdom - Can it be updated every 24 hours? DunI presume so. Quest Points - I am taking a look at getting my Quest Points around about 150. Currently at 103, what quests should I perform? Suggest a few, and I will say whether I have done those or not.

Am using my zerker pure(45 def pure) for pvp and I typically use melee using the usual zerker equips(zerker helm, rune guardian, etc..) Rite now I want to go more using variety to pvp, but im not certain how my outfit must seem with 45 def. Rite now I use rune full helm, black dhide top, rune thighs, rune kite shield, rune cbow, and ava's accumulator. What do u think I should change with my current outfit or if I need to just use a different outfit entirely? Hey Sal's, it's Scry again. And I've another query. I recently beat Monkey Madness and want to attempt Desert Treasure.

In cash, I just have 188k. But I have a Dragon scimitar as a weapon with no armour, so that's another 100k. Will it cost me a lot to beat DT or a little for my money? Are my stats good enough? Will it be hard? Okay, one of the reasons I want members would be to try out the Roleplaying worlds. The wiki has little info on these. (Absolutely nothing) Now the description from the sport manual said that the NPCs speak to you otherwise, to help ease the roleplaying experience. I assume this means that your characters doesn't say anything at all and their dialog changes to compensate for this. My questions are only these. How do they execute this? (Dialogue seem forced, natural or desiring?)

Are there any other tools to help in Roleplaying? (An choice to find the bios of different players.) Are there some issues with those worlds? (Glitches that remain unresolved because Jagex doesn't care.) Or an I just get a thorough explanation concerning them? This would save me time at the event lets say a significant glitch exists. I really don't know what is difficult to comprehend. Basically I am curious as to how great the RP component has been employed the RP worlds.

I also wish to know how others act in the RP world, if they really act like they should or do they discount the buy RS gold RP label and treat it as another world. The cause of this is that I am too cheap to purchase members and check it out for myself after I finish every F2P pursuit. And I'm too impatient too wait to learn more.


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