OMG Profitz Review


OMG Profitz Review

OMG Profitz Review

OMG Profitz Review


OMG Profitz is a fully DFY eCom store builder that allows you to create stores with 1000s of products that you can sell for 100% to 50% margins and get free viral traffic to your store automatically.

Imagine not having to worry about creating new sites to promoting new products ever again

Imagine spending Just SECONDS (instead of HOURS) setting up your ecom stores.

How nice would it be to turn one visitor into hundreds of people visiting your stores and products on the same day – see it happen in real time. Imagine being able to earn commissions from 1000s of products with just one website at the same time. What would it feel like to be able to have leisure time while this software does the work for you & makes you more money than others.


All you have to do is.


  • Step 1 – Login to your OMG Profitz account & select your site template.
  • Step 2 – Pick a Niche and Import 100s of products to Your Site.
  • Step 3 – Push ONE BUTTON and your Brand New Ecom Store is Launched, read to make you sales from Day 1.


Now all you have to do it TURN ON the Viral Traffic Module and you can turn every visitor into 5 visitors and start getting Free Traffic from Day ONE with this software. Don’t hesitate to check out the next parts of this OMG Profitz Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!


  • Create Ecom Stores In Just 60 Seconds

Now you can create your Ecom stores in just a few clicks. All it takes is just 60 seconds to go from No Store to having a fully loaded Ecom Store.

  • No Domain Or Hosting Needed - We Got You Covered.

With OMG Profitz, you will never need any expensive hosting or even a domain name to start making sales & commissions, we host all your stores for you & they run on our powerful servers with zero overheads for you.

  • Earn Commissions From Ecom - Create Affiliate Sites

Don’t want to sell or dropship products? No worries. You can turn your Ecom Site into an Affiliate Site in just 1-Click without having to do any manual work and just earn passive commissions from your sales..

  • Add 100s Of Products To Your Store In 1-CLICK

You will never have to manually create products, add details or upload images, videos or reviews ever again, with this software you can instantly select from over 5 MILLION products on AliExpress and add them to your store in just 1-Click.

  • Fully SEO Optimized Stores - Rank High Easily

Get free SEO traffic from the top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing automatically - every page is automatically SEO optimized for the best rankings.

  • Automated List Building - DONE FOR YOU

We made this so it can not only earn commissions and make sales but also BUILD Your List - with multiple list building systems like Aweber, Getresponse and Mailchimp integrated into this software you can get leads automatically with your free viral traffic..

  • Sell In Any Currency You Want From Your Store

Supports Major Currencies like USD, GBP, EUR, AUS and many others, you can run a global business from your home using the OMG Ecom Store.

  • Sell Physical And Digital Products

There is no limit to only selling physical Ecom products. You can also sell digital downloadable products, ebooks, software apps too.

  • Sell Using Multiple Payment Gateways

We designed this to work with Paypal, Cash on Delivery, Credit Cards, 2Checkout and many other leading payment gateway systems.

  • Set Flat Or Floating Shipping Rates Based On Regions

You can charge for shipping in multiple ways, based on region, flat rate or product weight etc and charge more for multiple units. Make more money in shipping while having great margins on products.

  • Automatically Set Prices & Profit Margin For Your Store

Pre-set Price Multiples and Margins for Your Imported Products and have automatic pricing on your Ecom Store - No Manual Work.

  • Select & Add 1000s Of Hot Selling Products

Add the Best Selling, Hot Products from AliExpress to your Store and See Stats for Last 30 Days + Product Ratings from Source to pick the best products to sell

 from your store.

  • Automatically Add Product Details+Reviews & Sync Products

OMG Profitz automatically gets Product Descriptions, Images, Details, Videos and even REVIEWS from AliExpress to add to your Store

  • BUY For Me - Sales Module Gets You More Sales Easily

Allows visitors to ask their loved ones or family members to buy an item for them, creates urgency and scarcity + referral traffic at the same time.

  • OMG Traffic - Viral Referral Traffic System

For every visitor that comes to your site, this viral traffic system turns it into 10 visitors using the amazing technology built into every site you create so you never have to worry about traffic again.

  • Referral Awards - Give Away Coupons & Discounts

Award visitors with coupons and discount codes for referring new visitors, create a viral, gamified way to drive more traffic to your Store.

  • Automatic Referral Triggers & Sends Emails Instantly

Automatically send emails to visitors and customers to award them and refer more people to your store without any manual work

  • Automatically Sync Product Details, Prices & Stock

Your Ecom Store works hand in hand with AliExpress to get you the latest product details, prices, stock and inventory of products so you have the latest info on your site every single day.

  • Automatic Social Traffic For Your Ecom Store

OMG Profitz connects to Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, Medium and many other popular social networks to drive social traffic to you.

  • Chrome Extension Included For Product Search & Import

Comes with a Chrome Extension that allows you to search, update and add products to your store and also helps with order fulfillment.

  • 1-Click Order Fulfillment - Save Time & Deliver Orders Fast

No need to jump through hoops to deliver products, just 1-Click and you can place your order on Aliexpress with shipping and tracking.

  • Stunning One Page Checkout System For Faster Sales

Designed to convert visitors into sales using a simplified one page checkout system that creates frictionless shopping experience.

  • Nothing To Install Or Setup - This Is Fully Cloud Based

We made this so simple and easy that you don’t even have to install anything, its fully cloud based. Just login to your OMG Profitz account and start creating your Ecom Stores in just 60 seconds.

OMG Profitz Bonus

Bonus 1 - This private fb group allows you to connect with other OMG Profitz users and expert affiliate marketers. Get answers to your questions, see what works best in the game, and discover more shortcuts to build your online business.


Bonus 2 - Discover how this simple blog generates 300K + unique visitors, builds a list of thousands of people and makes money without selling anything from 100% free traffic by stealing legal content of others.


You can now copy the same with OMG Profitz. So everything you get today? Access to your OMG Profitz includes:


  • Fully cloud based system - Access from anywhere, anytime
  • Save your money, no need for a website, domain or hosting.
  • Automatically, FULL FUNNEL gains profits that maximize your sales
  • Sell ​​to UNLIMITED customers for 100% profit
  • Get free registration - Fully automated list building system
  • Integrated affiliate system for promotions and free flow
  • Ads provide links from ANY Network you want
  • The content is completely safe and protected
  • Accept payments from most popular payment processors.
  • Integrated ticketing system
  • Store all potential customers and integrate with all key respondents
  • Integrated SEO optimization for organic traffic
  • Traffic system based on integrated rewards
  • The entire system complies with GDPR & Can-Spam
  • No manual work, no complicated periodic software required
  • There are no monthly or annual fees
  • We host all your webpages and all your content - No need for extra hosting
  • Powerful dedicated server to run all your websites
  • Complete step by step Video Tutorials
  • 3 simple steps - ZERO learning curve
  • Complete whole system included - No need to add anything


TOTAL REAL WORLD VALUES - $ 14,997. But NOW, you can get instant access to EVERYTHING only:


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