Benefits Come From Great Behaviour


Benefits come from great behaviour

The fact that people here are really behaving like this can be a meaningful gesture is so fucking baffling. EA literally moved out of its way to wash his name from their games two decades straight, but this thread is making it look like they have donated millions. It's the very definition of Madden nfl 21 coins slacktivism. It would be more honest if they had said nothing at all. I never said"Let us attack a business for doing the right thing." My point, which I have tried to clarify in an edit, is that we should not PRAISE companies for doing the bare minimum of human decency when they have shown in the past to be contrary to the thing they are asserting. Actions speak louder than words. You can remain optimistic of things looking up, which I frequently am. If your friend hurts your feelings, they have to regain your confidence. You do not thank them every time from then on whenever they are being nice.

You don't thank them every time from then on whenever they're being nice. Wait, why not? If a buddy of mine hurt me and made an effort to be fine I would absolutely want to tell them that I appreciate their efforts. It helps people behave better, who is to say it can not create a corporation act better too? It is well worth rewarding them for it like it's worth rewarding a problem child for doing their best for a day. EA (and people in general) should not support black people for any reason beyond the fact that it's the correct thing to do. Benefits come from great behavior, you should not be on good behaviour for the added benefits. After I see EA donate to the causes or implement initiatives to assist out black developers or things of this type, then I'll praise them. We only should demand a higher standard and quit letting firms off the hook so easily. I'm of the mindset that offset civilization is largely poor and people should be encouraged to change and enhance. But we should not allow ourselves to be performed by companies that are, at the close of the day, looking to eliminate all obstacles in the means of getting our money. I have been burnt by false promises a lot of times.

Benefits come from great behaviour, you shouldn't be on good behavior for the benefits. And I believe that is true even for individuals too: if you need a person to act in a moral way the ideal way to do that's to give them the ideal incentives and rewards to create behaving morally the greatest and most attractive solution for them. If you do not then your society will be intrinsically unstable.This is where I see this argument breaking down. Corporations are not people, they do not have some built-in ethical instincts. Should they act morally, it is because they benefit, there's no other reason. Either because there's pressure internally from their employees to act in a way consistent with the morals and beliefs of the employees, or outside pressure from consumers or governments. Once I visit EA contribute to the causes or implement initiatives to assist out black developers or things of that type, then I'll praise them. We just should need a high standard and stop allowing firms off the hook so easily.Not surprising once you're the sole licensed football game in a quarantined year which has delayed the season. The fans are starved of their preferred sport. The season is not delayed it is still starting punctually, next Thursday. Dont understand why you're downvoted, NFL preseason is awful. I know some people get up for it because they are desperate for soccer, but it's just so dull and doesnt tell you anything. I have seen teams go winless and win the superbowl, along with other teams conquer preseason and have dreadful years. Let's not pretend like it is absolutely pointless when we haven't had a negative record preseason team win the Superbowl in over a decade, and in the past 50 decades only one group has gone winless in preseason and won the Superbowl (and only 3 in total have left the Superbowl).

Dont know why im downvoted either considering I actually work with the NFL broadcasting group and have the amounts at my desk. There wasn't anything on your first comment that triumphed that you had"inside" knowledge. I know why you're being downvoted because some people actually do watch the preseason and you come off as smug. You are likely being downvoted by men and women who have watched preseason. Educated opinions do not really work on reddit. I've discovered to stop commenting on matters between my area of work because some snarky teenager who does not have any clue what they're talking about cheap Mut 21 coins is going to be upvoted from the hivemind who also has no idea what they're talking about.


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