Why Is Brother Printer Wifi Setup Failing ?


Why is brother printer wifi setup failing ?

These days, nobody wants to connect their printer to the computer through hardwire connection. Everyone wants to use the wifi connection or network printer. So they can keep their printer connected through the access point, and print through any device available in the network.

But sometimes, your printer may not be able to connect to the access point. That can be happening due to the lots of reasons.

When this can kind of situation will come in front of you, you can use this guide to troubleshoot the problem. it will help you in troubleshooting the problem.

  1. Let’s establish your printer nearby your router.
  2. Power off your brother printer, computer and access point for a minute. Now power it back on and try to setup the network connection again.
  3. If you are unable to connect your brother printer to the wifi, you should check the username and password for your wireless network. most of the time, people input the invalid wifi login details. That’s why it won’t connect to the wireless network.
  4. Let’s make an attempt to connect your printer to the router using the WPS feature. There are two methods in wps feature, one is pin and other is push button. You should try both features.
  5. When you try the above instructions but still couldn’t connect your brother printer to the wireless network. you should factory restore the network settings and configure your network in the printer again.
  6. If your printer still couldn’t connect to the wireless network. you should go ahead and restore your printer, now configure your printer again.

So these are the tricks to fix the printer wifi connection problem. I hope it has helped you In fixing the problem. If you need any other help related to the brother printer. Feel free to visit the askprob website. There you will find a complete guide to troubleshoot the printer problems.

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