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Online Music Lessons - Music Instruction School | My Music Journal

We offer private music lessons for kids in a variety of instruments including guitar lessons, bass lessons, piano lessons, violin lessons, viola lessons, cello lessons, clarinet lessons, saxophone lessons, flute lessons, voice / singing lessons and much more!

At our music school, your child will have the opportunity to improve in a musical instrument or to take voice lessons. In both cases, we teach beginners to more advanced students.Our faculty is composed of talented music teachers who have the experience to allow your child to progress in a fun and safe environment. The benefits of taking one-on-one lessons with a professional music teacher are countless.

Choosing music lessons is a proven method for fast improvements as the music teacher is able to work in depth with your child. He/ She will learn the fundamentals of playing the instrument correctly, and also receive personalized support to develop a better technique and a more professional tone on the instrument.



With music classes students also benefit from a one-on-one approach that allows them to learn at their own tempo. Every child learns music at a different pace. The music teacher will have the opportunity to focus on areas that need improvement, which may otherwise be overlooked in a group class or school band.

Elementary schools provide an opportunity for children in Grades 3 and up to begin taking group lessons in school on all instruments except the piano. This gives them the opportunity to participate in a band or orchestra at school with their friends, an experience that is often remembered vividly into adulthood.

The only drawback that comes from these types of music lessons is that children needing extra help on their instrument are sometimes too timid to ask for it, or the instructor’s schedule does not allow for extra time spent with students, which can lead to discouragement. Outside private lessons on your child’s instrument are a wonderful way to reinforce what they are doing at school, and also help them to exceed what the other children in their group class are doing. This can pave the way for the child’s inclusion in solo festivals offered by the State or County.




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