Stop Pulling Out Your Hair!


Stop Pulling Out Your Hair!

How to stop pulling out hair is on the mindsMemory Hackof sufferers of trichotillomania everywhere. We try to just tell ourselves to stop, but it's just not as simple as that. It seems utterly strange to everyone else, but we find release in such behavior, and it makes us feel better. Paradoxically, we often pretty much find it strange ourselves, when we really think about it, and at times we also inwardly ostracize ourselves to some degree, I know. So, what are the lengths we will go to in order to find out how to stop pulling out hair?

Many of us have turned to taking prescription medications, and setting aside harmful side effects, this seems to have somewhat of an effect, but only while we are drugged up on these inordinately expensive meds. Clearly, this is no permanent solution for how to stop pulling out hair. The fact of the matter is that too many medical professionals are simply leaning far too much on medicating symptoms away, thinking that this is the best solution for how to stop pulling out hair.

Of course, that's pretty much the extent their job. They can only drug you, cut something out, put something in, or put you in a cast. Those medical professionals in the psychological side of medicine also have a tendency to lean towards drugs as well, though some do recognize that this condition stems from a psychological cause, and not a biochemical one. Simply put, hair pulling is truly a psychologically based, physical response to stressful emotional stimulus - therefore, psychological training methods are how to stop pulling out hair.


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