Setting Yourself Up To Be A Winner


Setting Yourself Up to Be a Winner

You can change all of your mindsets to be as successful and result Subliminal Guru Review oriented as the most successful people in the world. It will take time, a lot of action and extreme amounts of effort, but if you really decide to go for it and you give it your all, you will get there at some point in time. Once you get there it is not the goal itself that will make you happy, but the fact that you made a decision even though you did not believe in it 100% at the time and made it happen while everyone else was slacking and being lazy.

Pessimism is rampant. We are not receiving uplifting news. I remember hearing a high level Senator say recently that we ONLY LOST 36,000 jobs today. What. We ONLY LOST 36,000 jobs. How is that something to be happy about. This is the pessimistic attitude. I mean, yes, that is better than losing 50,000 jobs; but how can any loss be considered good news. If that news makes the people that are supposed to be fixing things happy; we need new people doing the repairs. It is either get new people or YOU can say enough is enough. Personally, I have had enough. I am tired of the bickering, infighting, and negativity. I am so tired, in fact, that I am going to do my best to ignore what is happening and focus on what I can do.

Optimism Must Start With You. Some people just naturally exude optimism. For some it is easy to be optimistic, for others however, optimism comes very hard, if at all. If you step back and look at those where success appears to come easily you will find that optimism plays a key part. Optimism rubs off on those around the optimist and when the optimist is in their presence they feel better. They may not know how to explain it, but they know and recognize the feeling.

Optimism attracts not only people; it also attracts opportunities. Optimism is a state of mind that you can control. It is your choice as to whether you want to be an optimist or a pessimist. Regardless of which ever one dominates your mindset; the associated result will follow. It is as easy to be an optimist as it is to be a pessimist; your choice is what do you want to attract.


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