How To Achieve Prosperity And Wealth


How to Achieve Prosperity and Wealth

Knowing that our true goal drives us while accepting we cannot understand Unlocking Transcendence Review it fully until after it has been achieved is the koan of the seeker of truth. What turns people away before they reach their ultimate goal is this conundrum. To seek what you cannot define, yet know that it is very precise but illusive because it is so obvious and right in front of you.

Find your heart, your original heart, buried under the rubble of your mistaken thoughts of the way to attain it, rather than running in circles around the mountain of accumulated memories of bad experiences, 'correct conduct' and the acquired concepts of the right way to do things. There is no fixed right or wrong in a fluid constantly changing life and world. There is only to feel in the moment, to be present and aware. This is done by seeing our own resistance as it arises and knowing the more we resist the more we are just a log being tossed about on the sea with no hope of reaching the land we seek.

The great treasure waits for the courageous explorer, it lies hidden in the depths of our soul. But what is this 'soul'. It is said that the heart is the veil to the soul. So it is not the heart. The heart is clouded by the mind, so it is not the mind. The heart is sullied by the mind which thinks the thoughts it has learnt and holds to. What are the real meanings of these words, only the true original heart can know. Forget words, forget meanings, simply be present to the moment without interpreting or defining what you feel.

Cleanse the heart, let go of thoughts, begin to feel without fear, be a courageous explorer and discover the depths of your soul by passing through the veil of thoughts of right and wrong. Cleanse your heart by filling it with something else. Beware. This happens with love equally to hate. The tides of the sea change every six hours, nature never stops cleansing the source of life on earth. Hold to nothing, constantly flow, your heart will be cleansed, and you will breath freely.


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