Secure Way To Connect Canon Printer To WiFi


Secure Way to Connect Canon Printer to WiFi

Secure Way to Connect Canon Printer to WiFi

Standard is known for its extraordinary Canon Phone Support Number,  printing office that makes it not the same as another printing machine. With the guide of this gadget, you can print your archive and pictures like office, home, and somewhere else. It is well known among clients. On the off chance that you need to associate Canon printer to Wi-Fi, at that point you will have the option to do it through the assistance of the given advances. In this blog, we depict some simple and accommodating answers for tackle your concern.


All procedure to interface Canon printing gadget to Wifi is clarified here. The means to realize how to associate the printing gadget with wifi. On the off chance that you have any trouble identified with the equivalent, at that point dial 1-800-834-6919 go to your call so you can examine your concern straightforwardly with the specialists.


Before beginning remote printer association arrangement keep something at the forefront of your thoughts


Prior to making the remote association arrangement, you should guarantee various things, a portion of the things that you require to ensure are recorded here.

  • You should ensure that the printing machine turns on. Contact Canon Printer Support,
  • In case the printer is turned on, at that point the light on the printer will lit.
  • In case the printing gadget performing cleaning, print head arrangement, or some different procedure, at that point you required to sit tight for the previously mentioned procedure to complete before starting the arrangement procedure.
  • If the Wi-Fi light on the printer is blazing, at that point you require to tap the stop key.

Steps to Connect Canon Printer to WiFi

The client may then actualize the association. The web association could get inaccessible.


Stage 1. Association utilizing cableless arrangement Canon Printer Phone Support Number

You may make the association set up by following the given advances.


  • You require to snap and hold the Wi-Fi key present on the printing machine until the on light flashed.
  • Now, you require to hit on the shading key arranged and afterward the wi-fi key.
  • You need to ensure that the wi-fi light flashes fastly and the ON light lit.
  • Therefore, you require to come back to the program screen at that point continue with the arrangement procedure.

Stage 2. Remote association of Canon printer to Access point Using the WPS in addition to key advance


  • First of all, press and hold the wifi button until the on light flashes appear.
  • Now, click the dark beginning key then wifi button.
  • Make sure the wifi light flickering fastly and the ON light is lit.
  • While the wifi light is blazing quickly and go to the remote switch, snap and hold the WPS push key inside two minutes.
  • At the moment that the association has been made, the Wifi and on lights will be lit.

Stage 3. Interface the Canon printer to remote LAN the WPS Pin code steps: Contact Canon Support,



  • You should snap and hold wifi key present on the printer until the on light flickering on the printer.
  • Now, you require to hit the wi-fi key.
  • Now you have to hold the stop button present on the printer until the caution light flashes multiple times. From that point forward, you require to discharge the stop key after the 16 flashes.
  • You required to set the WP S pin code portrayed on the printed system setup page to the remote switch.
  • Make sure that wi-fi light on the printing machine is lit.


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