How Body Image Affects Dating And Relationships


How Body Image Affects Dating and Relationships

There are a couple of situations where direct game is definitely the way Messages Of Obsession Review to go. It's great for daytime pick-ups where the girl's moving and you have to act fast. It's just not worth it to use the indirect approach in situations like that. By the time you get done with your indirect opener, she's already moving on. Direct is also good when it's a rough situation. For example, you're approaching a girl in a bookstore where there are lots of people studying, or she's in a big group of people where it's hard to get to her. You've got just a few minutes to make your opener and there's no time to spare; this is when direct is best.

In mixed groups, sometimes direct works and sometimes it doesn't. If she's with friends and there's a chance that one might be a boyfriend, indirect is a much safer way to go. You don't run the risk of a confrontation. 'Nines' and 'tens' are at the top of the scale of hotness for women. When you want to know how to seduce women in this range, you've really got to understand their psychology and how their minds work. Here are some things long experience has taught me about this special class of women.

When a hotter girl decides that she likes you, she's going to be much more aggressive and she's going to be doing more to make things happen. The only trouble is that it's harder to get to the attraction phase. There's no room for you to make mistakes, say awkward things, put your foot in your mouth, have awkward pauses, or anything like that. Things like going in for a kiss are going to be tougher.

In my experience, nines and tens are always super nice. I've never yet met a nine or ten who blew me off harshly. The worst they'll do is just ignore you, especially with daytime approaches. Or she might be really nice, but also really neutral. You'll run out of things to say and she won't help you. But neutral or not, she won't be mean to you. That's a common misconception about nines and tens, that they're so hot they must be bitchy.


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