What Happened To The True Meaning Of Memorial Day?


What Happened to the True Meaning of Memorial Day?

This one is certainly a day I have never heard of, but it sounds Christmas Letters from Santa Review like an excellent idea! This 'holiday' originated around 1921 in Cleveland, and is said to have the purpose of commemorating those less fortunate than ourselves and those we love and are grateful to, by exchanging sweet gifts. However, it was in fact an initiative created by 12 confectioners, so I'd say that the morals behind it- in the face of an advertising agenda- and definitely questionable. Whatever its purpose, Sweetest Day sounds like a lovely idea, and a great way to spend your third Saturday in October. The tradition is celebrated in the North American states including Wisconsin, Ohio, New York, Minnesota, and also Ontario, Canada. This Great Lakes region offers some beautiful and scenic holiday destinations, so perhaps if you are planning a North American getaway this autumn, you should also make a note of this special holiday!

April the 1st offers one of the more popular unofficial holidays, celebrated world-wide. It is a chance to play an amusing trick on your friends, family, colleagues, and even possibly people you don't know- and get away with it under the guise of this all important day. It is celebrated in many countries including Canada, the UK, and Australia but perhaps one of the more distinct local traditions comes from France and Italy, where children and adults alike stick paper fishes to each-other's backs and then yell 'april fish!' I'm not saying this is the only reason to visit one of these countries, but perhaps if you are planning a French holiday retreat or Italian vacation getaway this April 1st, you will see this amusing phenomenon in the flesh.

Another one which is fairly well known, Burns Night is celebrated on the 25th January to commemorate the likely birthday of Scottish poet Robert Burns. Although traditionally celebrated in Scotland, other countries may choose to celebrate the event, which involves a Burns supper. The main focus of this supper is the most popular of Scottish dishes, the haggis- which the server will 'address', and everyone will traditional drink Scottish whisky and recite some of Burns' poetry. If you like the sound of this homely tradition and fancy having a go at it authentically, stay in a self catered Scottish property where you can cook up your own haggis meal.

If you have watched a copious amount of American films and television, then you are likely to have heard of this highly celebrated event. First played in 1967 and held in early February, the Super Bowl brings together the elite of the American foot-balling world, the National Football League, in this yearly championship. Football fans and non-football fans alike use the Super Bowl as a chance to socialise, watch the games and the entertainments which come along with it. The next Super Bowl in 2012 will be held in New Orleans, but a holiday in America at this time would give a real sense of American culture wherever you wish to go.



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