Mozilla Thunderbird Not Receiving Emails, How To Fix This Problem?


Mozilla Thunderbird not Receiving Emails, How to fix this problem?

Do you use Mozilla Thunderbird to access your multiple email accounts? But suddenly it has stopped receiving the emails? Then it means you would miss lots of important emails in your inbox. In order to get back to your email functionality of receiving emails, you would need to fix this problem as soon as possible. There could be multiple reasons behind the Mozilla Thunderbird not receiving emails problem and you have to know about those reasons to fix this problem in a very effective manner. How to fix Mozilla Thunderbird not receiving emails? If you want to fix this problem, then you can follow the below simple and straightforward instructions: 1. Check POP & IMAP Settings Ensure that all the server settings are correctly configured while you added your email account with Mozilla Thunderbird. Sometimes improper server settings also generate several issues in receiving emails. So you can check the settings and update them to correct one. 2. Check your internet connection Proper internet connectivity is must require to receive emails in Mozilla Thunderbird and you have to ensure that you have an active internet connection on your device in which you are using Mozilla Thunderbird. 3. Check junk or spam folder Sometimes your emails directly go to the spam and junk email folder and you can check these folders to ensure that your emails are not available in these folders. With these simple instructions Mozilla Thunderbird email not working problem can be simply resolved and if you are not capable of fix this problem, then contact the technical support team of Mozilla Thunderbird and resolve the multiple issues in a very simple way.

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