What Is The Price Of A Wind Turbine? For A Priceless Piece Of Machinery Less Than You Might Think


What is the Price of a Wind Turbine? For a Priceless Piece of Machinery Less Than You Might Think

What is the price of a wind turbine is just as ambiguous a question as, what is the price of a car? It all depends on what kind of car, or in this case, what kind of wind turbine? Do you want a big or used one? Would you like to build one yourself? The most important question perhaps is, what do you hope to accomplish with it?

Of course these are all relevant questions and I'm going to assume since your reading this and not researching commercial wind turbine sites that either you already have, and are a bit taken back by the initial investment as most of us would be going that route, or that your a bit handy and are only interested in making and installing a wind generator yourself. If that is the case as I suspect, then the information I have to offer is for you.

I'm going to assume you've already considered solar panels or magnetic generators and have chosen wind as the most practical choice for your needs. Great! You won't be disappointed. Price wise that is, but focusing on the question of, What do you hope to accomplish by generating electricity with a wind turbine? If you hope to come completely off the grid with one wind turbine you'll need to build a very tall tower for it, or be living in a predominantly windy area.

That be being said and to stay on the subject, believe it or not, labor not included, a very reliable wind turbine can be built and installed for considerably less than $200. But we need to return to the original question of what kind of wind turbine? To determine the answer to that question as well as with all of the others, is going to take some research on your part.





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