Waist Circumference Secret Clue To Weight Related Health Issues


Waist Circumference Secret Clue to Weight Related Health Issues

Do I Need to Lose Weight?BMI or body mass index is a measuring tool used by many health care providers to assess a person's body fat percentage. However, BMI is not a totally accurate measure of body fat percentage when used by itself. It is possible for a person such as an athlete with a very muscular build and a very low body fat percentage to have a similar BMI as someone who is truly fat.

Because of this fact, you also need to take a waistline measurement. Your waist size is not a perfect measure of body fat but knowing the location of your body fat gives you valuable information. If you know your BMI and ascertain where your fat is located, you will be able to access whether you are overweight and weight loss should be part of your health plan.

Fat gathered in the midsection, around your stomach area, indicates a greater susceptibility to various health problems. This higher risk of developing serious chronic illness is associated with people who accumulate fat on their stomachs as opposed to people who collect fat on hips and buttocks.







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