Olympic Class "Lazy" - The Value Of Being The Laziest Person In The World!


Olympic Class "Lazy" - The Value of Being the Laziest Person in the World!

If you are an overachiever or workaholic in recovery from 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review  perfectionist tendencies, you probably have trouble tolerating and enjoying down time. You may be living a life with every minute of every day crammed with work activities. When you take time off, you don't enjoy yourself because of guilt inducing mantras pounding in your brain.Sitting still for a few minutes is intolerable, you become agitated and restless. You can't slow down your thinking enough to enjoy doing nothing. Exhaustion is the only thing that stops you from continuing to drive yourself into collapse -- and there's little true rest, relaxation or refreshment in catatonic collapse. Here are some ideas for how you might make a change in your life.

Consider the challenge of becoming Olympic Class "Lazy". This means you want to become the best, most accomplished person in the world at being "lazy". Lazy here is defined as doing nothing, being totally undriven, with a free and relaxed mind and total command over "have to's" and action driven "to do's". This may sound funny to you but it is much more difficult and challenging than it seems at first. When your typical lifestyle is beyond 100% structured, doing the complete opposite requires absolute self discipline. It is a wrenching adjustment.

One way to start is to set specific time limits such as, "From 7:00 -10:00 p.m. tonight, I will do nothing". Keep this commitment to yourself. You will likely experience the mental "screaming mimi's" of self flagellation the first few times. In fact, it may feel like such an internal struggle, you'll be totally unable to enjoy the time. You'll likely be met with something like, "What are you doing You have X, Y and Z to do." or "What's wrong with you You can't sit down and do nothing." or "You should do X. You should do Y." This becomes a form of self torture and you need to quiet it repeatedly.

Here are some counter statements that work, "I work hard and want to become expert at doing nothing." or "When I do nothing, I want to be Olympic Class at it." or "This is my down time. That stuff can wait. No one else is going to do it for me. It will still be there waiting for me when I've finished my down time." (Of course, don't try this with unfinished activities with consequences if doing so will bring on the consequences.)



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