Fight Baldness - Where Most Go Wrong And Lose Their Hair


Fight Baldness - Where Most Go Wrong and Lose Their Hair

It may take up to two years for a hair-replacement transplant to be  FollicleRX completed. There are several intervals or sessions that are carried out in the process. Thus a hair-replacement procedure has to be carried out periodically in every couple of month.Professional hair surgeons are mostly in charge of doing the transplants. So you don't need to doubt the capabilities of the doctor. However before you select a surgeon for this procedure you should do a thorough check on his or her professional background and records.

All women will pass through menopausal stage which if misunderstood will mean a lot of anxieties and attendant health issues for most of them. It is a time when a woman experiences hormonal changes either increasing or decreasing which brings forth different emotional and physical reactions. One of the most common effects of menopause is low thyroid function which can cause hair loss.

Hair loss during menopause is also connected to deficiency in estrogen levels. Hair follicles need estrogen for hair growth and when estrogen levels fall so does hair growth. In fact anything that cause estrogen levels fluctuate can also cause how our hair grows. Women have testosterone hormones which promote hair growth. However another hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is produced from testosterone. This hormone is the one responsible for inhibiting hair growth on certain body parts as well as the head. Estrogen and DHT levels are kept balanced in younger women but during menopause estrogen levels fall and the DHT level is fluctuates. When this occurs hair loss and thinning hair ensue.

Some women experience hair loss before other symptoms of menopause because it is quite obvious. They see hair on their pillow in the morning and find them on their hair brush or at the shower drain. Their hair becomes drier or breaks easily because it is brittle. Hair loss during menopause can be gradual or sudden.Many women have tried hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to counter the effects of hair loss during menopause. However this has many inherent dangers including increased ovarian and breast cancer risk heart disease strokes and blood clots.


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