Snoring Control Is Easy With These Simple Techniques


Snoring Control is Easy With These Simple Techniques

Snoring is one of the few health problemsSlumberPMthat effects those around you more than the snorer themselves. To be a partner of a snorer can be nothing short of a nightmare. So for the sake of your marriage and your spouses sanity this is a problem you need to fix. Snoring control methods can be as drastic as surgery or just a simple change in your daily habits.

Simple Things To Give Up That Will Help Being overweight has a direct connection with snoring so for many health reasons go on a sensible diet. A simple but highly effective way to stop snoring is to give up smoking. Reduce your alcohol intake. As alcohol relaxes the muscles around the throat and this in turn will reduce the air flow.

Simple But Effective Remedies Start first by trying to sleeping on your side this keeps the tissue at the back of the throat out of the way of your airways stopping it vibrating which is what causes the dreaded snores. There are many ways to stop you from rolling onto your back. Try making a wall of pillows or use a secured football. If all else fails I am sure your long suffering partner will be happy to jam their knee in to your back.

If you breath though your nose you bypass the tissue at the back of your throat that causes the vibrating sound. If breathing though your nose is difficult you can try nose strips that open up your nostrils allowing easier breathing.

Do not eat last thing at night as the undigested foods press on the diaphragm. Do not be tempted with milky drinks before turning in as this will leave a mucus lining on the throat so reducing the airways. Tests have proven that some of the properties in honey can help control snoring so try some in a cup of tea before retiring.



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