Factor Considered For Choosing Luminous Inverter In Kannur

Factor considered for choosing luminous inverter in Kannur

Factor considered for choosing luminous inverter in Kannur

The power backup solutions are generally is an alternate term for Power inverter or inverter in India. Selecting the correct luminous inverter in Kannur and Nova inverter battery are a significant factor in building the right power backup answer. Selecting the right type of battery and the right capacity or size is a daunting task.

When you think of purchasing a new inverter, it is essential to save from the marketing tricks, and know some basic factors, which will be helpful before purchasing an inverter. Choosing the right type of an inverter/battery system is one such significant factor. And not just choosing the right inverter-battery system, it is the right choice to solve the problem that you need. In this way, we will discuss different power backup solutions.

The three main reasons for the power backup solution are

  • Power grid to charge the battery
  • Inverter battery to store DC current
  • Inverter

How will you choose inverter?

The power grid is the original electric connection at your home. The electricity from the power grid recharges the battery. At the event of power of the battery, DC current requires to be converted to AC current with the assistance of Inverter. But naturally, the total power backup solution is called as an inverter in India.

First, calculate your power requirement

The first step is to calculate how much backup you wish, or how many appliances you wish to support.

Inverters come in different sizes and have varied capacities for several loads. That is why you require to ensure that the size of the inverter is strong enough to manage the load, or total wattage, of your appliances.

Calculate the VA rating of the inverter you require

VA is used for the Volt ampere rating. It is the voltage and current supplied by the inverter to the electrical appliance. If an inverter functions with 100% efficiency, then the power needed of the electrical items and power given by inverter is the same. But we all know that ideal conditions don’t exist in actual.  Most inverters possessan efficiency range from 60 % to 80%. This efficiency is also called the power factor of an inverter and is simply the ratio of power needed by the appliances to power produced by an inverter. The power factor of most inverters varies from 0.6 to 0.8.

The battery is the main energy supplier of an inverter system. The operation and life of an inverter largely based upon the battery quality. You may ask” how long does battery supports?”. It is known as is called the battery capacity. It is the battery capacity that determines the backup hours. It'sa unit in Ah (Ampere Hours).

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