Success Or Failure: It's Your Choice


Success Or Failure: It's Your Choice

It does not matter how many times you have to try, it is as long as you do that counts. Persistence is mastery of success. Curso Maestro Reiki Review Depending on getting it right the first time every time is the key to failure. To be, do and have successfully, you or anyone must use that mastery, even when getting it right the first time is involved. Indeed, life does not work like a commercial with instant gratification shown on the television. Life is life, and it works like it does "imperfectly" for a good reason.

Let us face it, learning is power, mastery is ideal. The only way mastery can work is if we learn step by step without getting it right the first time. Sure, genuine mastery seems "bloody" at first, but, it is genuinely seamless in the end. More seamless than the effort that got it right the first time. For consistent effort makes an expert, luck makes a fool that cannot duplicate what he or she has done before.

In thinking and action, the masterful expert is right. In thinking and action, the lucky beginner is wrong. I can easily and succinctly tell you why. The masterful expert can almost consistently duplicate their results without much flinching, drama or fear. Accuracy is the reality and hallmark of the masterful expert. Luck is the hallmark of the first time effort that "gets lucky."

Genuine wizardry and wisdom come from genuine mastery and not luck. The easy way out in the long run is the hard way out if you want to consistently duplicate results like Henry Ford established the mass production and high profitability of cars and automobiles. Sure, it starts with thinking, goes on with doing, but if you really want to succeed, it ends with repeat the successful process consistently and make it better, better and better.


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