Wearing Tips For Contact Lens

Wearing Tips For Contact Lens

Wearing Tips For Contact Lens

One eye tracking exercise for kids is known as the Bates method named after Lutenol Review Doctor William Bates, a renowned teacher and researcher of ophthalmology. He surmised that children pick up a lot of bad habits at school which lead to eye problems. They have a natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge that can make their minds tired and overwhelmed at times. This can also affect the eyes and cause them unnecessary stress.

The Bates method was developed to help children take in more knowledge without straining their eyes. It is actually quite simple. Doctor Bates created a chart full of familiar shapes and letters and placed it on the wall at the front of the classroom. He then encouraged the children to look at the chart whenever they felt overwhelmed. Because the shapes on the chart were familiar it allowed the children to relax their eyes. Even looking at the chart for 3 minutes a day can take away eye strain.

The exercise was implemented in a few schools and teachers noted a marked improvement in concentration and progress. However, the school board believed it was a distraction and it was never made a full time instalment.The Bates method is not exclusively beneficial to children. People of all ages can create their own charts and place them at work to distract them from the strains and stresses of their jobs.

Acuvue Oasys are the contact lens produced better than the normal contact lenses. Acuvue-Oasys has those special features, which the regular one does not have. They have been very fast moving and users love them. These are disposable lenses. The best feature of these lenses are that they can be worn for a period of two weeks, provided you remove them and clean them every day, or they can be worn only for a week at a stretch, and then use another fresh pair. You can also keep them on while sleeping.




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