Separation Of Infant And Mother Could Be The Origin Of Borderline Disorders


Separation Of Infant And Mother Could Be the Origin Of Borderline Disorders

There may be different signals of sincerity. For example in some cultures the emphasis on eye contact Brain C-13  wouldnt be as great as in the Western culture. In native culture or black culture and some other cultures theres a noticeable lack of eye contact or different eye contact as compared to Western cultures. For example in some non-white cultures the person may look at you when talking and look away when listening which you may interpret as not listening if you are not aware of the custom. Eye contact can be different for men and women; women tend not to look men in the eyes especially in some Eastern cultures which are patriarchal.

Another point to make here is regarding seating arrangement and body language in counseling. In addition to frequent eye contact sitting with your legs uncrossed and with your arms uncrossed resting on the arms of the chair may communicate a relaxed openness to the client.

Also in terms of the angle of the chairs about a 100 degree or a little more than a 90 degree angle tends to maximize the comfort of the client because this allows him to look past the counselor without turning his head away. Whereas if chairs are directly facing each other this tends to set up a sense of confrontation. The distance of the chairs should be no more than three feet and not closer than two feet. This range communicates support whereas if the chairs are too close I may communicate intrusiveness or if the chairs are too far apart I may communicate a lack of support for the client. Non-verbal rapport is important to the counseling relationship.

The next quality is empathy. I am speaking specifically of accurate empathy the ability to be connected to the feelings to the emotions of the client. So if the client is feeling sad the counselor needs to have a sense of that sadness and be able to mirror it in voice tone and facial expression.



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