How To Outsmart The Freshman 15 And Avoid College Weight Gain


How to Outsmart the Freshman 15 and Avoid College Weight Gain

The good news is that the Freshman 15Ultra Apex Dietdoesn't have to turn into the Sophomore 17. If you're hoping to either lose or avoid college-level weight gain, here are some low-cost, schedule-friendly actions you can take.Eat breakfast. When the alarm rings, it's easy to run out the door on an empty stomach. Not only does this set you up for overeating later due to excessive hunger, it can also impact your grades: Studies show that skipping breakfast detracts from scholastic achievement. So even if you can't sit down and eat a balanced meal, at least grab a protein bar or a piece of fruit, which you can easily store in your dorm room.

Exercise on the cheap. You don't need an expensive gym membership to get moving. Put on your headset or grab a buddy and walk or run around your school's track. If bad weather is keeping you indoors, try adding a dance or workout class to your syllabus if your schedule permits.
Remember that beer has calories. There's a reason they call it "beer gut." The most popular beer brands run between 140 and 180 calories for every 12 ounce serving and are loaded with sugar and carbs. Moderation is the key to keeping your alcohol intake and waistline under control.

Have healthy food available at all times. Irregular schedules and all-hours studying are staples of college life. That's why it's extremely important to make sure you always have healthy food available when you need it, day or night. If you're pulling an all-nighter, rather than run out for an 11:00 pm fast food fix, save yourself time and money by heading to the kitchen instead. You can fix yourself a delicious healthy snack such as a bowl of hot or cold whole grain cereal and soy milk, almond butter paired with celery sticks or banana slices, lightly buttered popcorn, fresh or canned fruit topped with Greek yogurt, or raw veggies and dip.


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