Type 2 Diabetes - Will A Combined Electronic Glucose Sensor And An Implanted Insulin Pump Help You?

Type 2 Diabetes - Will a Combined Electronic Glucose Sensor and an Implanted Insulin Pump Help You?

Type 2 Diabetes - Will a Combined Electronic Glucose Sensor and an Implanted Insulin Pump Help You?

The A1C test is important in diabetes as a long-term measure of control over blood glucose. Nutonen Review  Even outside of diabetes an elevated A1C level may be a cardiovascular risk factor. This is a great deal of help to health care providers as it tells them how much of hemoglobin the blood protein is coated or glycated with sugar.

Those that have been diagnosed pre-diabetic or diabetic have high risks for complications when their A1C Test has high levels. In the past a number of 7 was the diabetes threshold. That meant that if your A1C was around 6.7 you would be considered pre-diabetic. Now that is no longer the case. Doctors have agreed to lower the levels and a number of 6.5 is considered to be the new threshold for diabetes. Anyone that is close to those levels should do what they can to keep their blood sugar levels in check.

The good news is keeping your blood sugar down isn't the most challenging thing to do. To keep your A1C Test levels down you should start by managing your diet. Carbohydrates like starches and sugars are what make up your blood's sugar levels. For diabetics it is important to cut out white foods like rice bread pies cakes and potatoes. That's not all you should do though.

It is recommended that you start getting some type of cardiovascular exercise as often as you can. That might be something as simple as going on a thirty minute walk each day. Some people prefer to join their local gym. Doing those things along with taking the necessary insulin shot or medication should help to keep you healthy. Overall the A1C Test is an important tool for those with diabetes and those that could get it. Use it to see where your blood sugar levels have been and use that as a guide for how you should be eating and to encourage you to start exercising.




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