Learning The Purpose Of The Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review

Learning the Purpose of the Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review

Learning the Purpose of the Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review

We are an immobile lot, the most sedentary and inactive population that ever lived. 30x30 Total Transformation Review Modern society is not very helpful when it comes to providing our bodies with the physical movement or 'work' that has been a big part of our daily lives since time began.Most of us are simply not required to do the much physically any more. We are not required to lift, bend down, carry, climb, run, jump, walk or stretch like our ancestors had to - movements that our body has been engineered to do and must do if it is to remain strong and healthy.

We are busy - busier than ever and many of us think that this makes up for the lack of physical movement. But it does not as when we do move it is in a few simple repetitive ways. Otherwise able-bodied we sit - a lot, in our cars, at our desk jobs and back home seated in some way maintaining our addiction to a screen of some kind.

Unfortunately the same prosperity that makes us a wealthy and technology rich society is also responsible for corroding our bodies and allowing our health to evaporate. Because we are so inactive (8 out of 10 adults do not proper exercise at all) it is of little surprise that we are so unfit and overweight that we cultivate pot bellies in our 20's, that our hearts race and we become out of breath when we climb a flight of stairs.No surprise that our arteries clog and our blood pressure zooms, no surprise that our bodies designed to be physically active deteriorate and weaken from lack of use. They are not meant to be parked in a chair for 80 percent of the day so, in reality we are living a lifestyle that we have not been engineered for.

The only solution is to put back a measure of the physical 'work' that we have discarded in our attempt to make our lives 'easy' and 'comfortable' and 'convenient'. But we are certainly suffering the consequences for this with 50 percent of our population having one 'chronic lifestyle disease' and many having multiple negative health conditions.But we often do not become fully conscious of the downgrade of our physical body until something seriously affects us and draws our attention to it. Often it takes becoming injured, having to be off work, chronic pain, a scary medical diagnosis or having to give up a sport or activity we really love for us to wake up, sit up and take notice.




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