Magnetic Motors That Can Produce Free Electricity For Your Home - Do These Motors Really Exist?


Magnetic Motors That Can Produce Free Electricity For Your Home - Do These Motors Really Exist?

Another way we can use less energy in our home is to make it The Backpack Electricity System Review more energy efficient. That means, checking that you have adequate ceiling insulation, double or triple pane windows and snug seals to all your outside doors. When we switched to dual pane windows years ago it made a huge difference. Not only did our heating and cooling bills go down dramatically, but our home was also insulated from traffic noise.

Old appliances use more electricity so when you need to choose a major appliance, consider upgrading to a super efficient model. It may cost a bit more, but your long term cost of use will be less and your 'carbon footprint' will be smaller. And, definitely donate any large ticket item that still has life in it to a charity group where it can be used a little longer before it's journey to a landfill.

Living in sunny CA, it's easy for me to throw my laundry on a line, especially sheets and towels smell so fresh after being out in the sun and wind. But I was amazed to discover when I traveled to England a not so sunny place that most homes didn't have dryers but hung their laundry up in their kitchens. The British went through a long period of post war austerity as did our grandparents during the depression and many of the economies that were necessary then are needed now - if not for financial reasons, then to put less strain on our eco system. Granted, line drying may not be practical for everyone, but there truly seems to be an infinite number of ways to use less energy when we put our minds to it.

Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is a healthy practice, but not when the water comes in plastic bottles. Investing in a good home water purification system will give you water that is free of toxic chemicals, tastes good, costs a lot less than packaged water and is better for the environment. Use a stainless steel water bottle to take water with you and refill as needed. Get mini ones for your children's lunch box and explain why your family doesn't drink bottled water. Bring your own travel mug to work or Starbucks and wash and reuse it during the day.


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