Business Meal Etiquette 101


Business Meal Etiquette 101

No is not always negative. It is not a bad or incorrect response. Brainwave Shots Review Saying no does not make you a difficult or uncooperative person. Read that again, out loud. Saying no is more honest than a false yes, it will help you develop clarity about your intentions and it really sets you free.First, what is a false yes The false yes is the response you make when you really want to say no. But somewhere in your head a little voice tells you, 'You really should go to this networking group, they really need new members and you need to spend more time networking.' Or 'You really should take this job offer; it is a good salary, good benefits and a respected corporation.'

The problem could be that the networking group is not an exact fit for you and the job is just OK, but you are not excited about it. The truth is you do not want to stay with the networking group if it is not right for you and you will never be fully committed to a job that is just OK.Saying no develops clarity if you acknowledge why you want to say no and what would turn the no to a yes. The above example of the networking group was my real life dilemma. The people were great, but not my target market. The attendance requirements were high, the dues were expensive and I did not think I would stick with it. I agonized. Was some type of networking better than no networking I finally took my own advice and declined.

A month later an associate introduced me to a new networking group. This group is a terrific fit. The attendance requirement is manageable, affordable and I am working with my target market.Margaret Meloni helps professionals create career strategies that bring them success and enhance their work experiences. She helps her clients focus on the importance of professional brand and reputation management.Margaret is a people oriented leader with over eighteen years experience in Information Technology. She holds a B.S. in Business Administration and an M.B.A. from California State University, Long Beach. She is also a certified Project Management Professional PMP through the Project Management Institute and an instructor at the University of California Los Angeles.

A dynamic speaker who combines inspiration, common sense and a dash of humor; Margaret has spoken at technology conferences and events hosted by the Association of Information Technology Professionals; The Project Management Institute and The International Institute of Business Analysis.
I'm sure that you have heard the statement "If you are not learning then you are not growing". This is more than true, it is a fundamental that all successful people have that the average person does not. Successful people know the value of continued education and seek to find other like minded people, conferences, courses and various other means to support or enhance their knowledge.


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