Choosing A Blood Glucose Monitor


Choosing a Blood Glucose Monitor

Insulin, which is a hormone naturally produced kachin diabetes solution review by the pancreas to metabolize glucose (a form of sugar that is one of the primary sources of a cells' energy supply), is either resisted in the body or non-producing. So how is it that millions and millions of us individuals have acquired this disease, and either were diagnosed or do not even know that we have it? How is it acquired?

Well, one of the ways that Type 1 diabetes presents itself is through our usage of Bovine protein albumin, which is a substance found in cow's milk that triggers insulin dependency by provoking an auto-immune response. These antibodies found in some Type 1 diabetics, interfere with the production of insulin throughout the pancreatic cells. Individuals under the age of 30, account for most of the Type 1 diagnosis. On another note, Type 2 diabetes which is much more prevalent in the United States, is caused by many factors such as obesity, chronic stress, a poor diet, etc.:

Obesity, which produces the most Type 2 diabetics, is a huge factor and is the main reason why a diabetic diet is even more beneficial to maintain and resolve this disease. According to recent research, a diet which is high in sugar, or consumption of foods that turn in to sugar and lack the proper nutrients, are the causes for blood sugar metabolism issues, which in turn causes insulin resistance, which in turn causes you to acquire Type 2 diabetes.

Chronic Stress can also bring about this disease; as the hormonal levels of stress increase, your chances of getting Type 2 diabetes also increase due to increased levels of sugar in the blood. Having a Poor Diet is another major factor in the development of Diabetes within the body, since you are not consuming the proper nutrients, and most likely eating foods that contain too much sugar, or eating foods that eventually turn in to sugar, blood sugar metabolism problems then evolve and insulin resistance follows. A Poor Diet consists of foods high in sugar, fat, and carbohydrates.


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