How To Progress Your Physical Activity Through The Learning Curve


How to Progress Your Physical Activity Through the Learning Curve

By mirroring an instructor, whether inMzf Groupclass, on a DVD, or with your personal trainer, you will be more likely to remember an exercise. Pay attention to hand and feet positioning. In yoga for example, a hand placed on the outside of a foot, is a completely different pose than placed on the instep. In weight lifting, securing the elbows back and into the hips targets biceps, but if the elbows are not locked into the sides and flare out, unnecessary strain is placed into the shoulders, and the biceps are worked ineffectively!

If you find yourself motivated and interested in a new activity watch everything you can. Go to live demonstrations and performances, watch videos online, and look at pictures in books. It's amazing what can be absorbed just by having enthusiasm and the desire to progress in between workouts. You will get better without moving a muscle!

This is a surprisingly effective technique to train your muscle memory, as well as memory in general. The beauty of daydreaming is that you can do it anywhere, any time. Studies show that athletes who visualize winning are more likely to win on game day! Practicing in your head won't get you a killer body, but you will benefit from learning by repetition. It's just like studying. The more exposure you have to your subject, the better you will do on the exam.

If exercise was easy everybody would be healthy, fit, and the multi-billion dollar weight loss industry would be no more! Hey, it takes time. Be patient with yourself. Reward achievement and don't get down over the tricky stuff. Stick with it and before you know it, you'll be a natural at whatever your goal is to do, whether it's running, cycling, yoga, weight lifting, rollerblading etc.


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