Know The Symptoms Of Stroke


Know the Symptoms of Stroke

More than eighty percent of peopleThe High Blood Pressure Programwith hypertension are in the borderline-to-moderate range. Dietary and lifestyle changes can bring most cases of borderline to mild blood pressure under control. Diet, exercise, and relaxation have proven superior to drugs in cases of borderline-to-mild hypertension. Consuming a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and low fat dairy foods and low in saturated fats can be very effective in lowering hypertension.

Some of the important lifestyle factors, which may contribute to hypertension, include caffeine, alcohol intake, obesity and lack of exercise. Reducing stress in your life can also play a significant role in lowering blood pressure. Another significant risk factor in developing hypertension is smoking. Dietary factors that may be a precedent to hypertension include high sugar diets, low fiber consumption, diets high in saturated-fat and low essential-fatty-acid intake. Low calcium, magnesium and vitamin C consumption may also contribute to the problem. A high potassium to sodium ratio is associated with lower blood pressure.

Next to getting more exercise and achieving an ideal body weight, one of the most important dietary recommendations is to increase the consumption of plant foods. Increased consumption of vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains and fiber boost potassium levels. In general, Vegetarians have lower blood pressure, and a lower occurrence of high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases than meat eaters do.

Celery is an interesting recommendation for hypertension. Research has been performed on a compound in celery, 3-n-butyl phthalide and has been found that it can lower blood pressure. Another advantage of this compound is that it may help to lower cholesterol. In animals very small amounts of this compound was shown to lower blood pressure by several percentage points, and also lowered cholesterol levels by about seven percent. About four ribs of celery can supply the equivalent dose in humans. The celery recommendation is certainly worth a try!


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