Horse Racing Handicapping Long Shot Bets Based On In The Money Percentages

Horse Racing Handicapping Long Shot Bets Based on In The Money Percentages

Horse Racing Handicapping Long Shot Bets Based on In The Money Percentages

Now that all weather poly tracks have been introduced the problem for horse racing handicappers Slow Horse Luke Review is which running style will work best on the new man made surfaces. You can buy a list of sires that seem to pass on a gene that enables their progeny to run well on the synthetic surfaces and that will help you to pick some winners. You must also realize that shipping across the continent to compete against the best horses on the East Coast is a lot to ask of any athlete.

It is interesting to note that major league football teams that ship from the West to the East also experience problems. There is definitely a time component that works against them biologically. Football teams, because of their tight schedules, do not have the luxury of shipping in weeks earlier and gradually getting accustomed to the change in time zones.Smart trainers, on the other hand, ship their horses East weeks ahead of a big race in order to work them over the track and to let them gradually get accustomed to the difference in time. Now obviously, horses can't tell time, but their bodily rhythms, like the rhythms of all living creatures, are determined by the sun and other natural forces. An abrupt change of venue means their internal clocks have to be reset and that takes time.

Therefore, when it comes to handicapping horse races with West Coast shippers, always check to see how long ago a horse shipped in. If you can't find out, be cautious when picking winners and err on the side of caution. You must get a good price on a West Coast horse in order to back it. It isn't because they are of inferior quality, but rather because they have had to deal with a big recent change that will affect most of them physically.
When handicapping horse races a lot of time is spent in evaluating each of several factors. Unfortunately, many times we fail to see the big picture because we don't put the factors together in order to see a big picture. In other words, we fail to connect the dots.

Workout times can tell quite a story about a horse's conditioning and readiness to win, especially when they are used in conjunction with other data that is available in the past performances or in the racing program. One big change that is usually considered when handicapping horse races is the jockey switch.When a jockey gets off a mount it is a big deal and many bettors want to know why the rider left the mount. They also compare one rider to the other to determine if it will improve the runner's chances of winning. In the case of an apprentice getting on a horse, the reasoning of the trainer is pretty obvious. The conditioner wanted the horse to have the advantage of carrying less weight than the other runners since apprentices get a weight allowance.


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