Preventing Boils


Preventing Boils

How many of us touch out faces with ourNaturely Skincare Risehands at some point during the day. Do you always remember where your hands have been? Subway handles, dirty tables, doorknobs, computer keyboards and mouse, and shaking hands are just a few ways bacteria can end up on your hands. The goal here is not paranoia but the practice of regular hygiene as a result of awareness.

Ten to fifteen seconds under warm water with antibacterial soap can get rid of collected bacteria. It is advisable to practice hand washing after meals, blowing your nose, touching unlaundered clothes, before handling food and using the toilet.Thoroughly clean small breaks in skin such as cuts or scrapes. Use soap and water and an all-natural hand sanitizer.

Always keep wounds covered. Always use clean, sterile dry bandages.Avoid the sharing of personal affects. This includes towels, razors, athletic equipment etc... Staph infections that cause the occurrence of boils spread through objects as easily as people. Wash towels, linens and other personal fabrics in hot water using bleach and detergent. Also, hot dry them to insure there is no infection.

Since boils can form anywhere, and bacteria tends to collect on the skin, it is important to address total body hygiene and not just one area. Even if we are conscious of caring for facial or neck areas, other places should not be ignored. Just because other areas are not noticeable doesn't mean that developing a boil in those areas will not impact your life as well. Boils tend to be quite painful and though it may remain unseen by others your discomfort can impede your normal daily activity.


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