Do You Need A Boost To Your Metabolism To Lose Weight?


Do You Need a Boost to Your Metabolism to Lose Weight?

Most people do not realize that theNatureThinmost effective tool for weight loss is not walking, jogging, cycling or any other endurance activity. Your secret weapon for long term weight control and body fat loss is strength training exercise which offers enormous benefits for fat loss. Toning up and strengthening your muscles causes a 'double banger' weight reducing affect.

Firstly, strength training is considered vigorous activity as your muscles are taken through their ranges of movement under a load means a significant number of calories are burned during the exercise session itself. Secondly, the toned muscle tissue that is generated by muscle building and maintaining activity increases resting metabolism (the rate your body burns fuel). This means calories are burned at a higher rate all day long - regardless of whether you are active or resting on the couch watching television.

Before anyone can really get their weight under control and start the journey back to slimness it is imperative that you need to get your body to burn more fuel (calories) than you are taking in each day. It is no good just restricting your food; you need to boost your fat burning machinery - your muscle tissue as well. If you do not do this you will be restricting your food intake forever which does not make for an enjoyable life.

The far easier way to loss fat is simply to speed up your metabolism and the only way to do this is to tone up your muscle tissue. It is highly likely that if you have become overweight because your muscle tissue has been allowed to weaken and get flabby. As the human body is made up of up to 50 percent muscle tissue any loss of this means a drop in the metabolic rate and your body turns from a fat burning one to a fat storing one.

Combine your exercise program with a proper diet; one which focuses on portion control, the right balance of macro-nutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fats) along with healthy choices and not just the restriction of calories will see faster weight loss results.


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