Cost Effective Ways Of Attracting Website Traffic

Cost Effective Ways of Attracting Website Traffic

Cost Effective Ways of Attracting Website Traffic

Many Internet marketers sell you ebooks that teach you how to succeed in Your Income Profits Reviewpaper but do not give you the template. As a result of reading you know what is happening but do not know how to do it as you are not shown the step-by-step how to do it.

Some are better. They have video clips or Camtasia to show you how to do it step-by-step which are greatly effective and make the reading more visual thus easier to remember. However there are still many who after viewing the demonstration take no action. Why Because they still lack the confidence to step out reason being they do not know how to troubleshoot should they encounter technical problem along the way which is very common and is sure to happen (I am confident to say that because every member in my team went through this process to hands-on and everyone experienced manageable technical problems here and there even though we are led by the step-by-step guide).

We realized that watching the step-by-step video on how to create my website is not as effective as INVOLVING me in actual creation of my personal website! Only when I get involved in the website creation process personally only then will I encounter my actual problem along the way. Explain to me my problem help me analyze my problem and guide me through to solve my problem are very this process will make me fully understand the Internet marketing business process and motivate me to move forward.

May I summarize my article with another famous quote Tell me and I'll forget show me and I may remember involve me and I'll understand.In Internet marketing business the most effective way to keep like-minded Internet marketers motivated and step forward to create their own websites is to teach them 'how to fish' thereafter 'give them one fish after teaching'.


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