Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Shoulder Surgery - Patient Review Of Rotator Cuff Surgery


Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Shoulder Surgery - Patient Review Of Rotator Cuff Surgery

The upper brain stem then sends signals throughout the body  Joint Flx Review and causes the release of neurotransmitters called norepinepherine and catecholamine. These neurotransmitters then stimulate C-nociceptive fibers in your body which cause pain. Because this pain is there, your adrenal which are glands on top of your kidneys release more cortisol and the troubles begins again. So can you see the loop.

An accident causes release of cortisol slowing down Cerebellum, Brain or Lower Brain Stem causing a cascade of problems, which then cause the release of more cortisol, which slows down one of the three areas in the neuro-pathway and it starts all over again. Once you get into this loop it is really difficult to get out of without the proper help and therapy, like Brain Based Therapy.

To get the relief you need you need to find a doctor of chiropractic that understands this pathway and knows what to do to break the pain loop with Brain Based Therapy. One of my patients stated the following in an interview, I hurt so bad that my blood felt pain, Dr. Harper started the Brain Based Therapy and my pain was 75% better in a few weeks. There is hope and you can get better now that you know what the cause is and why you have fibromyalgia after your accident. I hope this helps. Until next time Good Health and Good Living.

A fraction of the human population has perhaps experienced seemingly intractable and severe headache. The occurrence usually referred to as migraine happens along with some warning signs such as light flashes, numbness on certain body parts, and nausea. The most discernable symptom that separates it from typical headache is determined by the degree of pain and duration by which it lasts.


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